What is DH Creator How to Earn Money from DH Creator

What is DH Creator? How to Earn Money from DH Creator?

Friends, if you are fond of writing and want to earn lakhs of rupees a month sitting at home through your writing skills, then now you have come to the right place because today we are going to tell you What is DH.

Also you will know that How to earn money from Dailyhunt . Friends, you may have heard about platforms like Uc News or Newsdog before, but these days DH Creator is the fastest growing platform where thousands of creators are working and earning good money according to their hard work.

So let’s know without delay that what is this DH Creator , and how can one earn money from DH Creator?

What is DH Creator? (What is DH Creator)

The full name of DH Creator is Dailyhunt Creator . It is also called DH Creator in short. DH Creator is a news portal, in which all the news of the country and the world are published. It has reach to millions of people. That is, every day crores of people read different types of news on Dailyhunt.

There is not only live news on Dailyhunt, but it also contains many different types of informational articles. That is, in a few words, Dailyhunt is like a website where you get all kinds of content.

But you must be thinking that what will be your benefit by having News Publish on DailyHunt? So next we are going to talk about this topic.

Who publishes news on Dailyhunt?

Let us now come to the main topic, after knowing which you will understand how powerful this platform is. There is no one person publishing news on Dailyhunt, but thousands of publishers are associated with this platform, who publish news. These publishers are people like you and me who have a passion for writing.

But the only difference is that they have got permission to write on Dailyhunt’s platform.

DH Creator has different interfaces, one of which is for visitors while the other is for creators. The platform of the creators is called DH Creator. Through DH Creator Platform, any creator can publish news on Dailyhunt.

How to become a DH Creator?

Everyone wants to publish their news on Dh Creator but it is not very easy to become a publisher here. News can be published on this platform only that which Dailyhunt allows to publish news.

If you also want to become a publisher here then you have two options. To become a publisher, you first have to apply for a publisher on the Dh Creator platform. For this you have to go to its website https://dhcreator.dailyhunt.in/ .

Before applying for the Creator Profile, keep in mind that you must have a blog of your own . Because when you apply, you may also be asked for a link to the website. Although it is not necessary that your blog is very popular.

If you also have a blog on Blogspot then that will also work. After applying, the result of your application will come within 2-3. The same second method also depends a bit on your Luck. As I mentioned above that Dh Creator Platform gives more priority to those people who are writing blogs.

So this platform itself invites such creators to join their platform. So if you are an active blogger then it is possible that you may also be invited to your platform by Dh Creators.

How many posts can I put per day?

No limit has been set for the number of posts you can post here every day. That is, whether you want to put 5 posts daily or 30, it is completely up to you.

But the more posts you put, the more engagement will be and the faster you will be able to grow. That is, your growth is directly related to your post number.

What kind of post do you enter?

You can put any kind of post here but do not put copy-paste and copyrighted content at all, because this platform will not take responsibility for any action taken against you.

How to earn money from Dh Creator?

Now the main thing comes that how can we earn money from this platform. You will be very happy to know that there is no limit to earn money from this platform.

You can get 30-40 thousand rupees per month from here. You can earn very easily. But do not take rest as laziness, because you will have to work hard.

Dh Creator  works on the basis of CPM Model . CPM That is, Cost Per Impression.

That is, the more impression you have on your post, the more engagement, the more people comment, share, etc., the more revenue you will get.

Although Dh Creator has not clarified how much money will be received on how many views, but according to the people working on this platform, Rs 17K for 1 million views. Get.

It is not a difficult task to get 1 million views on this platform because if you post a lot, then millions of views come in a day.

That’s why you just have to work diligently without worrying about the view. In the beginning, you must do at least 20 posts daily, but gradually increase the number of posts.

When is the payment received?

There is a misunderstanding among many people working on the Dailyhunt Platform that those working here do not get money but this is wrong. I know many such people, so they are earning a lot of money from this platform and are working continuously . You yourself can think that if you were not getting the money, then so many creators would not work here.

So if you have also heard such a thing, then forget it because it is baseless. So now let’s know the right thing. According to a person working on Dailyhunt, if a creator’s payment is less than Rs 50, then he does not get a payment invoice.

You will get payment only after exceeding this. That is, overall everything depends on Views. If you put about 1000 posts in a month, then assume that your payment will definitely come, because after having so many posts you will get enough views.

Conclusion:- What is DH Creator

Hope you have got the information now that What is DH Creator? How to Earn Money from DH Creator? And If you found this information useful, then share it with your friends so that they can also know about DH Creator . If you are facing any problem or any kind of question then you can tell us through comment.

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