TR Garder price in Pakistan Today 2023 – T Iron and Garder Rates

Single-story buildings usually have TR Garder installed in their roofs. While the price of steel iron fluctuates constantly, so does the price of TR Garder. There is a significant price and load difference when comparing this roof to one made of RCC steel iron bars. T iron and Garder are bought by the foot or the kilogramme at the market. Prices are consistently calculated based on the square footage of a room.

TR Garder price in Pakistan Today 6 April 2023

Price in marketRate per KGRate Per Foot
T Iron (TR)Rs. 180 to 260Rs. 145 to 187
Garder (Girder)Rs. 170 to 240Rs. 350 to 480

Disclaimer: The current market price, which is June, is different from the invoice price and the rates used by the company. Our site just lists TR Garder prices as a service to consumers. Thus, shop at the market at your own risk. Please let us know via the “contact us” page if you represent the relevant company or would like us to amend the rates listed here.

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Major brands of T iron and girder sold in Pakistan include those made by Mughal Supreme, Ittefaq, Ittehad, and Amreli Steel. Most farm houses and simple outbuildings are built with TR garder.
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