Top 7 Best Blogging Niches in Hindi | Which Niche is Best for Blogging?

Friends, in today’s post we are going to tell you about 7 best blogging niches . Friends, do you also want to learn and do blogging but are you also having difficulty in finding the topic for the blog, then today’s article is especially for you.

Friends, whenever someone thinks of starting blogging, he starts thinking that which blog should I make so that I can earn a lot? What subject or topic should I take for that? Because the same thing happened to me. Friends, if you also want to be successful in blogging, then it is most important for you to choose the right niche.

Yes, because many people quickly copy someone else’s niche in the pursuit of earning and then despite working hard, they only feel disappointed. Let us tell you that to achieve success in blogging, according to your interest. The topic should be selected. A topic on which no matter how much you work, but even then your energy should not be exhausted.

If you take a topic after seeing others, then you will be able to write at least 10 to 20 blogs from it, after that which keywords you should find, what should be the title, such ideas will start coming after which after a few days you will not feel like working on it.

That’s why today we have brought some such ideas of blogging for you. By working on them, you will be 100% successful as well as your earning will also be good. So come friends, know 7 best blogging niches in 2022. Read this article completely so that you do not miss any important information.

7 best blogging niches in 2022

Friends, now we are going to tell you about the 7 Niche , out of which the competition is very high on some niches and very less on some niches. But I can say with a claim that if you work hard on them, you will be able to earn more than $ 500 in a month. Just you have to think once that in which topic you have more interest, choose the same.

Before choosing the right blog, you must know one thing that the competition of that topic should be very low and the traffic or volume should be high. So let’s know about Best Blogging Niche .

Sarkari Naukri

Friends, if I am asked which is the best niche for Hindi, then I will say government job. Yes because this is such a niche in which you neither need to do much SEO nor write content. Let me tell you that there are more searches in India on this niche than there are on any other niche.

There is no need to write content, it does not mean that you do not have to do anything and your content will be published automatically. So in this you just have to edit and post other content.

Friends, many of you must have applied for Government Jobs. So maybe you must have known about these three websites. , and Apart from this, there are more than 100 such websites that publish government jobs. You can not even guess how much traffic remains on these sites and how much their income would be.

Friends, you will be surprised to know that monthly traffic is more than 1 crore on them and if we talk about their income, then they earn lakhs of rupees that too from just one blog. You can also take this niche, you only have to publish 20 to 25 posts a day and a little off page SEO, even then you will earn more than 20000 per month.

PNR Status

Now friends, let’s talk about PNR status. In India alone, more than two crore trains run daily and many people keep their advance booking to travel in the train. But sometimes when the ticket is not confirmed, people go to the official website of the railways to check the PNR status. Let me tell you that million people visit this site in just one month.

By stealing this idea, many such websites have installed this tool on their website so that people can come to their site and check PNR status. Because of this, millions of traffic comes to their site and don’t even ask for earnings. If you want to work on this Niche, then for that you must have PNR keyword in the domain like PNR Inquiry, My PNR Status can take anything like that.

You can hire a web developer from Fiverr or Freelancer to make this PNR tool. Afterwards, you can earn millions by just publishing 2 or 3 blog posts, ON-OFF page SEO.


Friends, in today’s time, people love to read or watch Motivation, Biography and that is why you must have probably seen how Biography channels are growing day by day on YouTube. Let me tell you that people not only like to watch videos but also like to read and that is why there is traffic in lakhs on this niche as well as there is very less competition in them. So friends, you can also choose the niche of biography for your blog.

 MP 3 और Movie Downloading Site

Friends, this niche is a little different. In this neither you need to do more SEO nor write content. But the traffic is beyond your imagination. Yes friends, to create such a site, you just have to choose a domain that has Mp3 keywords.

Although Adsense is not allowed on these sites, but there are some other sources alternative to Adsense from which you can earn. There are some other blogs like, which are earning millions from other sources.

Wishes And Greetings

Friends, be it any festival or event, whether it is an occasion of happiness or sadness, but on such occasions, millions of people search in Google to share their feeling with people like Valentine’s Day Wishes or Greeting, Birthday Wish Message etc. . Let me tell you that there are many such websites which simply copy these wish messages from other sites and put them up and down a bit. Even then they also get Adsense and they also get good earning, that too without any SEO like This is a Wishes site which is visited by millions of users per month.

Coupons And Deals

Friends, you have to recharge with paytm or book tickets from book my show, buy clothes from myntra or make any purchase online, then you first see the discount and coupons or deals are needed for the discount. If you search any site’s coupons or deals on Google, then you will find thousands of websites that provide these discount coupons like, coupondunia or etc.

These sites have more than 2 million traffic. If you want to work in them, then you have to focus a little more on SEO. You’ll need to put coupons on top of your site before the rest of the site. It is necessary to share at least more than 100 coupons in a day. And while taking the domain, if coupons or related keywords come in the domain, then your site will rank quickly.

Event Blogging

Now friends, let’s talk about the seventh best niche, in which you will be able to earn three to four months in a very short time. Yes friends, as you know that Shakedo events are celebrated in our country. As if Diwali is approaching now, then you can create a blog on Diwali, in it you can tell information about Diwali Wishes or Diwali.

If it is Valentine’s then you can make a blog on it or you can make it on Independence Day if you want. You will be surprised to know that in event blogging, earnings of more than four months are done in just 7 to 8 days and therefore many bloggers start blogging on any festival as soon as it comes. So friends, I think you should also do event blogging, in which there is some hard work but the profit is equally high.

7 best Hindi blogging niches in 2022

So friends, in today’s post, we have learned about 7 best Hindi blogging niches in 2022 . I think after reading this post, there will be no confusion in your mind that what kind of niche you should choose for blogging.  

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