Superstitions Essay with Quotations

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Essay on superstition with quotations for classes 10, 12, and graduation
Burke once stated, “Superstition is the religion of the weak intellect.”
It’s a viewpoint without a religious foundation. It is the offspring of fear and ignorance. Superstition is based on misinformation and fear. Men develop erroneous conceptions of beauty as a result. Superstition encompasses the belief in omens and ractes.

The fruits of superstitions are all harmful, because a tree is measured by the quality of its fruit. It has brought about a great deal of cruelty, suffering, and lunacy. Men used to make sacrifices in the past to appease fictitious deities. Due to the widespread belief in witchcraft during the Middle Ages, elderly, destitute women were persecuted because they were thought to be working with the Devil. Superstition still results in suffering, irrationality, and narrow-mindedness today, even in sophisticated nations.

Superstition “kills a thinking mind,” as the saying goes.
There are many different types and degrees of superstitions, and they vary by country and region. People may be more superstitious in Asia and Africa than in the European nations. Some events or circumstances are supposed to bring “luck,” while others are viewed as foreboding. It is everywhere in the world. A villager in England would consider black cats, horseshoes, and discovering a pin or shell to be lucky symbols. He’ll associate unlucky things with the sound of howling dogs, salt being spit, the number thirteen, and stepping beneath a ladder.

We too have similar superstitions in our nation. An alarming sign is the presence of a snake or a corpse on the right side. If one sneezes at the beginning of a voyage, one should not continue. When a cat appears at the time of travel, it is always considered bad luck. Some elderly women are rumoured to possess magical abilities. They are believed to be more powerful when they are the ugly. There is a prevalent belief in witches. Both in Pakistan and in England, the screeching of owls and ravens is seen as a terrible omen. The believe in ghosts is another. In our villages, ghosts are frequent. More superstitious than educated peasants are the uneducated ones. Superstitions are born out of ignorance and a lack of education. Because of this, people place more trust in quackery and superstitious treatments than in medical professionals and medications. They oppose any progressive movements because of their restrictive attitudes.

Superstitions are more like habits than like beliefs.
People’s advancement is always hampered by superstitions. The history of popular superstitions is extensive. They were given to us by our ancestors. Still today, giants prowl our woodlands. In the contemporary world, fairs, ghosts, and spirits are still prevalent. Due to superstition, many horrific deeds have been committed in the past. Consider Joan of Ark’s destiny. The churchmen tried her. She was executed as a witch after being found guilty of witchcraft. Several innocent men and women were burned alive in Scotland due to the belief in witchcraft.

Superstitions can only be eradicated from the world via knowledge. Superstition declines as knowledge rises. Our irrational phobias and superstitions have been dispelled by the advent of scientific knowledge.

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