Students and Strikes Essay for College Students

I’m going to share an essay for college students on strikes and students in this post. I’ve previously sent the FSC 2nd Year Students Essays with Quotations. I’m now launching a new collection of college essays for students. This sample essay will go over the reasons why students go on strikes and how it affected their academic performance. You will also see how to resolve this issue in the conclusion.

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College students’ English essays on students and strikes

Strikes have increased in frequency recently. There are several different types of strikes, including pen-down, token, and hunger strikes. When a minor, insignificant incident occurs, a strike is declared, and the angry individuals leave their places of employment and begin yelling insults at the administrative authorities. The unions are largely responsible for stirring up the strikers and extorting money from the businesses. Students, shopkeepers, office workers, factory and mill workers, and even sweepers go on strike. Students now participate in strikes at a higher rate than any other group in society.

The students use this powerful tool of the strike to address their concerns. They abandon their textbooks, quit the classroom, and exit the building while shouting full-throated slogans on very simple justifications. Students walk out of class if the principal punishes anyone who causes trouble. Students strike in protest if the teacher upholds severe discipline. Thus, this tendency slows down the rate of advancement in schooling.

However, this does not imply that students go on strikes every time they need a mental break. These strikes occasionally have good, logical causes behind them. Knowing that the young people are highly electrifying, cunning politicians encourage them to strike in order to further their own political objectives. Other institution students see “sympathetic strikes.” feeling disturbed Some flaws or gaps in educational institutions end up being the main reason for a strike. The mounting economic pressures and urgent necessities are making it difficult for the average student to finish his education. The students are also prompted to adopt unfavourable attitudes through teacher discipline. Sometimes a lecturer’s disparaging comments set a strike in motion. A minor rebuke for their misbehaviour hurts their pride, and they begin to complain. They revel in displaying their disgusting nature. The bulk of our kids chase after roving fires without having a clear idea of what they want to do in life. They have plenty of time to engage in evil activities like strikes and aimless wandering as a result.

It takes specific treatments to stop this propensity. Regardless of the reason for the strike, we must be sympathetic to the concerns of the students. We ought to make an effort to counsel and direct them if their requests are unfair. An aggressive attitude is preferable to sympathetic therapy. The teacher and the student must work together and understand one another. The children’s activities should be closely monitored by the parents. They ought to shield them from negative influences.

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