Short Essay on “How to Make Tea” for Class 10 in English

You may discover an example of an English essay on how to make tea for class 10 students in this article. There are barely 200 words in this brief essay. The essay’s phrasing is excellent. For students in the 10th grade, this essay is not significant. However, you can just prepare it for practise.

Sharing a cup of tea with our pals is always enjoyable. Making tea is easy and pleasurable. Many folks entertain their guests while quickly preparing tea. However, some individuals find it a little awkward to make a cup of tea. You may quickly master this art form because it is not tough. Making tea is a pretty simple task. To make a delicious cup of tea, you need a few simple ingredients. Tea post, water, milk, sugar, and tea leaves are needed.

The fire is kindled initially. The water-filled kettle is placed on the fire. Tea leaves are added to water that has just started to boil. Typically, one tea spoonful of tea leaves is added to the water for each cup of tea. If you’d like, you can add a few extra tea leaves. The water turns coloured after two or three minutes. After that, it is added to the teapot. Be careful not to get too close to the kettle. You will get harmed if you spill any hot water. Separately, milk is boiled. It is put into cups after being combined with the coloured tea water. A proper amount of sugar is included. Now you may enjoy your tea.

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