Servis Tyres Prices in Pakistan 2023 70cc 100cc 125cc 150cc Bike Tires Rate List

When it comes to producing tyres in Pakistan, nobody does it better than Servis tyres. To help you make an informed purchase, we’ve included the current prices for Servis tyres here. In Pakistan, both Servis and its rival, Panther Tyres, have long been established names in the bicycle-tire industry. Servis’s bike tyres are often regarded as the best in the industry because to their high quality and extensive catalogue of options. The company’s product range also includes tyres for scooters, trolleys, bicycles, tractors, ULTs, rickshaws, and so on.

Servis Tyres Prices in Pakistan 2023

Prices for service tires, also known as servis tyres, can be found between PKR 2,300 and PKR 5,600. Check out the pricing breakdown of Servis tyres by bike type and wheel size down below. Please note that this rate list already includes the cost of a tube along with a set of tyres.

70CC Bikes Servis Tyres Rate List 2023

Price of Honda CD70, United 70, or all other china motorcycle tyres is as below.
Tyre NameTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearPrice List
Long Life2.50-184Front2,400

100CC Bikes Servis Tires Rate List 2023

Honda pridor, united 100 or other china bikes with 100cc specification have following tyres prices.
Tyre NameTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearPrice List

125 CC Bikes Servis Tyres Price 2023 in Pakistan

Honda 125, united 125 or other bikes with 125cc specification in Pakistan have following tyres with tube prices of Servis company.
Tyre NameTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearPrice List

150 CC Bikes Servis Tyres Rate List

Honda 150, united 150 or other bikes with 150cc specification in Pakistan have the following prices.
Tyre NameTyre SizePR (Ply rating)Front / RearPrice List

Service Tubes Price for Bike Tyres 2023

TubeTyre SizeModelFront / RearPrice List
Butyle Tube3.00-18125ccRear700
Butyle Tube2.50-1770ccFront & Rear500

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The cost of tyres was most recently revised in April of 2023. We thought you’d appreciate knowing how much a set of Servis tyres will cost in the year 2023. Explore our website, leave a comment below, or go on over to Servis Tyres Website for additional details about the cost of motorcycle tyres in Pakistan.

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