Science in the Service of Man Essay with Quotations

Science in the Service of Man Essay with Quotations

Here is a straightforward essay on Science in the Service of Man for struggling students who are looking for an uncomplicated topic. This essay could serve as both a paragraph and a section of a speech about how science serves humanity. But you can also find here excellent essays on many topics.

For FSC, second-year students, an English essay with quotations titled “Science in the Service of Humanity”

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For classes 10, 12, F.A., FSC, B.A., B.Sc., and graduation, write a brief essay on “Science in the Service of Man”
Science is a never-ending quest for reality. It has shown to be the world’s dependable buddy. It has improved people’s comfort.

Living is difficult. The man is required to labour his entire life. Science aids him in creating a secure environment for himself. No longer is it necessary to live underground. The man has erected some wonderful structures. Facilities abound in the homes. Human life is now very safe and comfortable thanks to science.

Man had to go by foot in the past. Nowadays, he enjoys going on trips. It is not any more dangerous and complicated. Taxis, trains, buses, and cars are all at our disposal. When saying goodbye to these close friends, a man is not melancholy. He can reach them quickly on the phone and on their mobile devices. All of this is made possible by science.

We now have many tools for information, entertainment, and fun thanks to science. Computers, radio, and television are all reliable forms of entertainment. The computer has made the world a small, interconnected community.

The human body is healed by wonderful medications. Surgery represents the pinnacle of scientific achievement.

In a nutshell, science is a huge gift from God to humankind. Even so, it has enlarged our perspectives. Now, our thinking is more expansive.

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