Science an Enemy of Man Essay for Outstanding Students

There is an English essay on “Science an adversary of man” available for students in the 10th, 12th, and graduate levels. Students can view this and memorise it as they prepare English essays for the matriculation exam, intermediate class, or graduation. This essay is intended for exceptional students who are interested in learning and aren’t just concerned with the stats.

For the examinations for the 10th grade, 12th grade, and graduation, science is an enemy of man.
Science is often thought to be a mixed blessing. It is misused in a variety of ways. Even while science’s drawbacks aren’t as great as its benefits, it has created a technology that makes lethal weapons. Atomic warheads are the science’s most lethal weaponry. The world’s eight proclaimed nuclear superpowers are listed below.

Sadly, there are some contentious problems in the world. The globe is attempting to settle these conflicts through amicable dialogue. War, though, is also a possibility. Due to international political and economic treaties, if a war does break out, it will be a global conflict. No nation can continue to be neutral. If such a conflict escalates into an atomic conflict, everything would be destroyed.

Many machines have been created by science. The comfort of human life has been improved by these devices. They guarantee quick output as well. These machines are also quicker, cheaper, and more precise than people. However, they have had a negative impact on people. Man has been substituted. Man has been made jobless as a result. And finally, a lot of social ills have unemployment as a proven cause.

Man is now idle and lethargic thanks to machines. He doesn’t have to walk there. He is able to travel great distances quickly by fast-moving vehicles including cars, buses, trains, and planes. Brooming is unnecessary at home when hoover cleaners are available to remove dust from every crevice. In a few of minutes, washing machines clean unclean clothes. The former group uses tractors to cultivate their land. In agriculture, there are harvesters and threshers. All of these devices have sluggish and lethargic mad men.

One of the serious issues we face today is pollution. Food, drink, and the air are all tainted. The primary source of pollution is machinery. Large industries, hefty machinery, trains, and numerous other items of this nature are polluting the air, water, and soil with smoke, hazardous waste, dust, and other harmful particles. Numerous fatal diseases have been brought on by the tainted food supply, contaminated air, and unclean water. Thus, all of this evil is the result of science.

Man has become selfish and spiritually dead thanks to science. He has lost sight of moral principles. He requires a lot of cash to purchase the items made possible by science. He works all hours of the day and night to pay for that. He disregards human moral standards. He even occasionally cries in order to achieve this. When morality disappears, crimes are born, and social ills rule the day. Therefore, science is indirectly to blame for a wide range of social ills.

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