Rate List PK 2023

RATIONING CONTROLLER PESHAWAR                                                                             Date: 21/03/2023

1WheatPer kg12341GuavaPer kg110-200
2Wheat(Atta)Per kg13442MelonPer kg130
3MaidaPer kg14543Water MelonPer kg90
4SujiPer kg17044FruiterPer Dozen
5Maize AttaPer kg45GrapesPer kg110-270
6Rice SuperiorPer kg35046Shama Ghee Tin16 kg9000
7White GramPer kg20047Other Brand Tin16 kg8000
8Black GramPer kg30048PotatoPer kg50-60
9Gram plusesPer kg26049KachaloPer kg110
10MashPer kg43050ArviPer kg140
11Masoor    Per kg20051PumpkinPer kg50
12MoongPer kg42052Bitter GourdPer kg140
13BeanPer kg53Lady  FingerPer kg
14KorkhaPer kg36054ToriPer kg130
15Dal ChannaPer kg26055TandaPer kg70-80
16Besan (SO)Per kg27056SpinachPer bundle
17Black TeaPer kg180057GarlicPer kg260-340
18Green TeaPer kg155058TomatoPer kg70-90
19Brazilian TeaPer kg160059OnionPer kg100-120
20Green Tea DusPer kg80060PeasPer kg130
21Sugar of marketPer kg11061ChillyPer kg200
22Sugar U/storePer kg62KashmiriPer kg80
23CurdPer kg18063CucumberPer kg60
 24`ShakerPer kg12064TurinpPer kg60
25Fresh MilkPer kg16065CabbagePer kg30
26Powder MilkPre kg145066Flower CabbagePer kg70
27GurPer kg14067GingerPer kg620
28Lose GheePer kg180068BingilPer kg60-80
29Desi GheePer kg200069LemonPer kg200
30Edible oilPer kg55070Rice SuperiorPer bag350
31BeefPer kg70071Wheat100 kg12300-12600
32MuttonPer kg130072 Sugar50 kg5000
33HenPer kg35573Local wheat Atta80 kg10720
34EggsPer Dozen235-22574Local Atta20 kg2690
35BananaPer Dozen140-32075Local Atta (Fine)20 kg2790
36MaltaDozen44076Punjab Atta20 kg2720
37KinoPer kg150-37077Punjab Atta (Fine)20 kg2810
38ApplePer kg140-34078Punjab Atta (fine)85 kg11942
39MangoPer kg79Punjab Atta80  kg10880
40ApricotPer kg– 80U.S.C Atta20  kg
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