New Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2023 – All Tractor Company Booking Prices

This page lists the cost of a brand-new tractor in Pakistan. Tractors from reputable local manufacturers might cost anything from 2 to 4.5 million Pakistani rupees. New tractor booking or invoice rates for Pakistan in 2023. Leading Pakistani tractor manufacturers will do the following.

  • Massey Ferguson – Millat Tractors
  • New Holland – Al Ghazi Tractors
  • Bull Power Tractors
  • Belarus Tractors
  • Euro Ford Tractors

Page Contents

  1. New Millat Tractor Price List 2023:
  2. New Al Ghazi Tractor Price List 2023:
  3. New Bull Power Tractor Price List 2023:
  4. New Belarus / Roosi Tractor Price List 2023:
  5. New Euro Ford Tractor Price List 2023:
  6. New YTO Tractor Price List 2023:

New Millat Tractor Price List 2023:

Tractor ModelNew Price
MF 240 2WD – 50HP      2,020,000
MF 350 Plus -50HP
MF 260 Special Edtion      2,392,000
MF 260 2WD  -60HP      2,350,000
MF 360-2WD – 60P      2,480,000
MF 360-4WD – 60HP      3,514,000
MF 375-2WD – 75HP      3,102,000
MF375-4WD – 75HP      4,165,000
MF 385-2WD – 85HP      3,213,000
MF 385 (4WD) – 85HP      4,282,000

On 30 March 2023, the cost of a Millat tractor was lowered. Also, see: Pakistan’s Latest Bike Prices

New Al Ghazi Tractor Price List 2023:

New Holland Tractor ModelHPNew price from 16 Feb 2023
NH-480s55Rs. 1898000
NH-480 Power Steering55Rs. 1975000
NH-Ghazi65Rs. 2185000
NH-64075Rs. 2865000
NH Dabung85Rs. 2957000
NH-70-56 4WD85Rs. 3892000
NH-Ghazi Disc Brake (Discontinued in Dec-2020)65Discontinued
NH-640 Disc Brake (Discontinued in Dec-2020)75Discontinued
NH-640S (Discontinued in Dec-2020)85Discontinued
NH-640s Disc Brake (Discontinued in Dec-2020)85Discontinued
NH-55-56 (Discontinued)55Discontinued
NH-60-56 (Discontinued)65Discontinued

Al Ghazi tractor’s new prices were revised on 17 Feb 2022.

New Bull Power Tractor Price List 2023:

Bull Power-54950 HPRs. 925,000
Bull Power 549S50 HPRs. 965,000
Bull Power-56560 HPRs. 1,075,000
Bull Power-565-S60 HPRs. 1,110,000
Bull Power-577 (Tyre Size: 16)76 HPRs. 1,400,000
Bull Power-577 Deluxe (Tyre Size: 18)76 HPRs. 1,440,000
Bull Power 58585 HPRs. 1,485,000

New Belarus / Roosi Tractor Price List 2023:

ModelModel yearPrice in PKR
510 Simple20214,800,000
510 Simple20224,900,000
Draft Control20214,800,000
Draft Control20224,900,000
Air Compressor20214,850,000
Air Compressor20224,950,000
512 4WD20215,500,000
800 Simple20215,300,000
800 SPECIAL20215,600,000
820 Simple20215,700,000
80.1 A/C Cabin20215,700,000

New Euro Ford Tractor Price List 2023:

Ford 385050 HPRs. 1,090,000
Ford 456060 HPRs. 1,190,000
Ford 588080 HPRs. 1,560,000

New YTO Tractor Price List 2023:

EX-800 2WD80HPRs. 2,490,000
EF-804 4WD80HPRs. 2,250,000
EF-800 2WD80HPRs. 1,920,000
EMF-604 4WD60HPRS. 1,850,000

The most recent change in tractor prices was on January 1st, 2023. Price of Service Motorcycle Tires in Pakistan

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