New Holland NH 7056 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan Model 2023

The New Holland NH 70-56 4WD tractor is equipped with a powerful 85 HP motor and a 4WD transmission. If you have a farm larger than 50 acres, this tractor will work for you. This versatile tractor has been a longtime favorite in Pakistani agriculture. The NH 70-56 is a four-wheel-drive tractor that may be used with a variety of implements in the field. This tractor is always on sale and can be reserved in advance or purchased immediately. You should know the current pricing of the NH 70-56 4-wheel drive tractor in Pakistan before making a purchase.

NH 7056 4WD 85HP Tractor Price in Pakistan Model 2023:

VariantPrice in PKR
NH 70-56 4WDRs. 3,892,000

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New Holland 70-56 4WD 85HP Tractor Specifications:

FAQs about 70-56 Tractor:

Q1: How to book/purchase new tractors?

Ans: Visit your nearest Al Ghazi Tractor Dealership to book a new tractor.

Q2: How much warranty is offered by the company on a new tractor?

Ans: AGTL offers 14 months / 1200 engine running hours.

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