My Last Day at School Essay for 10th Class

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A man’s past is filled with both happy and bad recollections. After entering the real world, it is one of the nicest things to reflect on your school days. Most likely, you will forget about your first day of school, but you will never forget your last. For pupils, the first and last days of school have special significance. The first day of school may be filled with uneasiness, fear, and anxiety, but the last day is unquestionably a day filled with hope, assurance, and readiness.

My memories of my final day of school are still recent. Since there was no instruction that day, I felt tremendously at ease. My hefty backpack was finally off my back. For me and the other students in my class, it was a huge relief. I rode the bus casually and disembarked at the school bus stop. I could walk to my school from this location. I then began to move along with my other classmates who were already there. Small groups of classmates from different classes began to block our path as we made our way to the school. Many of them were talking loudly and hugging one another.
The ninth-grade juniors’ farewell party

We were present since the ninth-grade juniors’ farewell party was here. Being in their position, where we are the seniors and the junior schoolmates are amusing us, was great. The ninth-grade pupils had planned a well-organized meal schedule. Despite the menu’s modest size, a variety of foods were offered. They kept us amused by serving us various delicious meats and tea.

Following refuelling, a little ceremony was planned. Our honourable headmaster and our gracious instructors also took part in it. The Holy Quran was recited first, and then a youngster performed a Naat for the audience while entrancing them with his melodic voice. On this occasion, a few official farewell addresses were given. In his final speech to the group, the headmaster urged the pupils to study hard and behave properly if they wanted to excel and prosper in life. We congratulated our juniors for a lovely farewell party before scattering. I will never forget that day because it was one of my most unforgettable ones.

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