My Last Day at College Essay for 2nd Year and Graduation

The following two essays are on the topic of “My Last Day at College Essay for Second Year and Graduation Students.” This Essay should be prepared by Matric and Intermediate students who plan to take the yearly exams. Even if you only read a few essays, it is still crucial for tests. The first essay is intended for top graduates and second-year students. The second essay is basic and simple enough for beginners. You might try My Last Day at College Essay with Quotations at This Link if you’re looking for the essay for clever pupils, though.

A college is a location where a country’s youth view their hopes for a bright future. They put a lot of effort into achieving these goals. As a result, they become close with the college. They adore and enjoy every aspect of it. Every student there lives together as a family. They do not desire to be divided. However, the time will come when they must leave the college. For them, this is a truly painful time.

I also recall the day I left for college. For me, it was a dark day. It was the separation climax. We were all quite depressed about it. Some of us began crying because we were so moved by the situation. But we made the decision to leave happy.

We first met with our teachers to get autographs. Following this, we had a final tour of the college to take in everything there. Following our meeting with our vice principal, we headed to the principal’s office. We obtained our character certificates from the college clerk’s office. Our principal and professors urged us to work hard and be honest in all aspects of life. After lunch, we went to a hotel and had a great time. We were ready to leave for our homes in the evening. It was time to part ways. We gave each other our final embrace. We finally split ways with the hope of running across each other again someday. I spent my final day of college in this manner.

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