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For FSC second-year students, I am providing an essay about my definition of a happy life in this post. Students will discuss what inner happiness is in this English essay. This 12-class students’ essay on “My Definition of Happiness” is for them. There are almost 500 words in this essay. Visit Essays with Quotations for FSC Part 2 for more essays. The identical essay can be written under the headings “How to Live a Happy Life Essay,” “Essay on My Idea of a Happy Life,” “My Idea of a Happy Life Essay,” “Happiness Essay,” and “What Makes a Happy Life Essay.”

None of you believes (entirely) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself, according to the Prophet Muhammad ( ). Sahih Bukhari is the source.

Everybody wants to be content in life. Happiness and grief do, however, go hand in hand in life, there is no denying it. Despite best wishes, only a few few people are able to attain the objective of being truly happy. Thomas Hardy goes so far as to remark:

“Happiness is a sporadic scene in the drama of misery in general.”

Happiness, in my opinion, has nothing to do with success or monetary affluence. Many people with great strength and pelf can be found, but they constantly have a want for more and are never happy with what they have. Happiness is ruined by negative emotions like hatred, fear, jealousy, and intolerance. The tendency to comparison and compare things and the drive to emulate others frequently leave a heartbroken. Such destructive desires result from not being content with one’s current situation. A person cannot be at peace with life if they have excessive desires.

It is important to highlight that happiness is a relative concept because everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a happy existence. Because it can help us meet our needs and desires, some individuals believe that money is a means to happiness. The unfortunate truth of life is that wealth can occasionally be accompanied by pride and anxieties as well as egotism, greed, lust, dishonesty, and deception. And enjoyment evades in places where these things exist. For many people, having authority makes them happy. Once more, it is erroneous. Power almost seldom brings enjoyment; it almost always causes terror. Hedonists are those who enjoy sensual pleasures and subscribe to the Epicurian maxim, “Eat, drink, and be happy for tomorrow you shall die.” The fact that excessive hedonism makes one ill exposes the hollowness of this viewpoint. There are many people who live their lives in escape mode. They think asceticism is a remedy for the problems in the world. The strategy sounds intriguing, but it is too unrealistic to be used in daily life.

I think the key to happiness is to prioritise the correct things, put in a lot of effort, and give more than you receive. A Chinese adage that perfectly captures my vision of a happy existence is as follows:

“Take a nap if you want to be happy for an hour.
Go fishing if you want a day of bliss.
inherit a wealth if you desire happiness for a year.
A lifetime of satisfaction comes from helping others.

Many people are less fortunate than we are, whether it be in terms of health, fortune, or both. For them, life is a burden. They must receive immediate pain and suffering relief. Even a simple act of kindness can undoubtedly have a significant impact. Holds: Leo Buscaglia

“Too often, we undervalue the ability of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the simplest act of caring, all of which have the capacity to change a life,”

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