My Favourite Book Essay in English for Class 10

Here is an English essay for class 10 students about my favourite book. The Allama Iqbal Bang-e-Dara Book is the subject of this My Favorite Book essay. This article was taken from the book Tips for Current Papers. The marching bell’s call is referred to as “The Call of Bang-e-Dara.” For Class 10 students, this is a simple essay that does not include any quotes. If you are Intermediate-level students, nonetheless, you should check out the essay about my favourite book (the Holy Quran) with quotations.
My Favorite Book Essay for Students in the Tenth Grade

There are a large number of books available. They are intended for all people. Some books are only intended for young readers. While the others are intended for adults. I read a lot of books, but Bang-e-Dara is my favourite. It is a compilation of poems in Urdu that Allama Iqbal wrote. I read a lot of the poems in it the first time. Many poems are nicely written and fascinating. The Himalayas are the subject of the first intriguing poetry. There are some excellent and lovely poetry in this book. Famous personalities like Ghalib, Sir Seyyid, Hazrat Bilal (may God be pleased with him), Fatima bint-e-Abdullah, and Sir Fazal Hussain are mentioned in a few poems. A few poems discuss the wonders of nature. Several poems touch on the circumstances in Indo-Pak. Some poems urge Muslims to better their lot like their forefathers by describing the awful conditions they live in. Like Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa, it has numerous lengthy poetry. Talu-e-Islam, Khazar-e-Rah. Lessons for Muslims can be learned from these poetry. They serve as a reminder to cherish Islam and stand together for their rights. Pan-Islamism was Iqbal’s goal.

The poems inspire us to abandon our inactive lives and put effort into the present in order to have a good future. Allama Iqbal desired for us to be liberated, powerful, and prosperous. It is a fantastic book with lessons for both kids and adults. I adore this book and read it in my own time. I have grown to adore Islam and the Holy Prophet as a result of it (S.A.W). I usually keep it around so I may enjoy it whenever I want. Leaving aside the Holy Quran, it is my favourite book that is read and loved the most.

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