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Essay in English for Class 12 – FSC Second Year on My Friend

For FSC 2nd Year students, this post includes a My Best Friend Essay in English with Quotes. This English essay on my best friend is a copy I made from Kips Notes. For students in classes 10, 12, and graduation, this essay is crucial. As part of their yearly English Paper, FSC part 2 students compose essays in English. A strong essay might boost a student’s place in the results by arranging strong numbers in their paper. Visit Essays with Quotations for Class 12 as well.

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500+ Word English essay with quotations about “My Best Friend”

We encounter a lot of people throughout our lives. Every day, we encounter new people. Friends come into our lives and leave it. Nowadays, people are so self-centered that it’s challenging to see someone as your best friend. People who you consider to be your best friends frequently show you wrong.

Friends are similar to melon,
May I explain why?
One hundred attempts are required to find one good.
C. L. Mermet

Even more valuable than a million rupees is having a good friend. In every stage of life, you need a friend who can help you navigate through the gloomy corners of existence.

True friendship is the most valuable thing there is on earth. Aquinas, Thomas

In my college, I had a lot of pals. Some of them are classmates, while others are my college roommates. Ahmad, a classmate of mine, is the greatest of them all. Ahmad is from an honourable family. He is rather taller than me despite being my age. He has lovely eyes, wavy hair, milky teeth, and a very fair skin. The fact that he also has excellent health only makes me like him more. He is a highly upbeat person. He was never unkind or rough to me. His smile never leaves his face. He never loses his temper, not even when someone mistreats him. It appears like he is a saint based on the way he acts and looks.

The person who brings out the best in me is my best buddy. Mr. Henry Ford

We are rarely distinct from our habits. He performs above average in both studies and games. He reads with a lot of skill. His character so has a sense of purpose and seriousness. Not that he is a philosopher, mind you. He has a terrific sense of humour as well. He can tell and receive funny jokes. I never fail to burst out laughing whenever I am around him. By asking the teachers the most absurd questions and then responding with even funnier responses, he occasionally makes the entire class giggle.

Ahmad chooses his clothing carefully and is quite tidy. He favours wearing light colours. His attire lends him a decent appearance. You never notice any stains from ink or dirt on his shirt, which proves he is not at all foppish. We share a room in the hostel. He occupies the desk next to me in college. For the majority of the day, we stay together. As Aristotle says, “We study together,”

“One soul residing in two bodies is a true buddy.”

I’ve known him for four years. We don’t mind that other boys are envious of our friendship. Ahmad excels in his classes as well. He doesn’t ever put off his studying. He never provides the teacher an opportunity to voice their displeasure. He won first place in his class on the most recent test. Even if he struggles with some subjects, he makes an effort to make up for it. Although his father could keep a coach for him, the boy prefers to stand his ground. Ahmad consistently demonstrates the meaning of his slogan, “Simple in virtue and firm in duty.” He is attentive to the issues of others. He is a generous and compassionate buddy. He always helps me out, even when it means reducing his own expenses.

Like Shakespeare once stated, “I am affluent with my buddy.” It is also believed that “prosperity makes friends and misfortune tests them.” When I fell unwell, I recall how he stayed by my side for three days. I’ll never forget how he always stands up for me and always by my side no matter what. My friend is bright, active, and trustworthy. His peers appreciate him, and the teachers adore him. He never squanders time. I can’t think of another friend like him, and I am drawn to all of his positive traits.

Being appreciated for who you are by someone else is a lovely feeling. He is the treasure I value most in my life, in my opinion. I’m hoping he’ll stay in my life. in the shape of a genuine friend who supports, loves, and gives up their own interests without asking anything in return. May our friendship always be strong!

“Choices make friends and choices define who we are.”

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