My Ambition in Life Essay with Quotations

I’ve included a My Ambition in Life Essay with Quotes for FSC 2nd Year Students in this post. I’ve already published an essay with quotes about my life’s purpose. However, this English essay for class 12 students about my lifelong ambition to become a teacher. From the perspective of tests, the essay is quite significant. The goal of the essay is to examine the motivations behind a person’s decision to pursue a career as a teacher.

The identical essay can be written by students under the headings “My Life’s Goal Essay,” “My Ambition Essay,” “Career I Like to Choose Essay,” and “Essay on the Profession I Like to Choose.” A short essay on “My purpose in life” has also been published.

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The most powerful driving force that defines one’s route in life is an ambition or goal. Life without motivation is like a barren, sand desert where nothing grows. It serves as a constant inspiration. An aspiration is a joy that lasts a lifetime, a possession as sturdy as a landed estate, a fortune that we can never exhaust, and one that provides us with a stream of enjoyable activities year after year, according to Stevens.

Success and greatness in life are not like lucky breaks. They are attained by sincere work and unwavering devotion. “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety per cent perspiration,” says Edison. Man is the architect of his own life and the builder of his fate. Shakespeare was right to say that.
The problem, dear Brutus, is not with the stars but with ourselves since we are slaves.

The eminent essayist Bacon says, “Man has the key to his own destiny.” Every person develops a life goal or aspiration. He makes his choice while considering his preferences, personality, and the situation. Everyone wanted to choose a profession that would allow them to pursue wealth, honour, and renown in this world of material pursuits, and the medical and engineering fields offer many opportunities to achieve just that. We should keep in mind that our profession should bring us happiness on a spiritual level when picking it.

I am aware of the perils of “vaulting ambition,” as it is described in Macbeth. It’s a tragic cause, Macbeth. However, I don’t have any desire to kill a person and take over his throne. I also don’t want to be a hermit like Milton describes.

The mossy cell and hairy gown, where I can sit and correctly spell, of every star that heaven shows, and every herb that licks the dew.

I have a lot of honourable vocations in front of me as well. But I adore instructing. I therefore intend to become a teacher. I am aware that being a teacher is not a fulfilling or wealthy career. In less developed nations, teachers are poorly compensated. But those who stand up to ignorance, oppression, and injustice are the best people on earth. A person’s path to success and riches can be paved by educating them about society. Engineers may construct opulent structures, physicians may ease the suffering of the ill, and civic and military authorities may brag about their policies. Without a sure, these individuals have a great but constrained mission, but it is the teacher who brings about extraordinary social change.

A teacher is comparable to a lamp that shines light, illuminating individuals who are lost on dark paths. It’s stated that the world is ruled by the rocks in the cradle. Similar to how the brain that creates great artists, leaders, patriots, and soldiers also controls people’s hearts and minds. The three greatest professors of their eras were Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato. Every aspect of life has been profoundly touched by their ideas, ideologies, and words.

The task of a teacher does not end with the class. He mentors and encourages his pupils day and night. He imparts to them the wisdom of maintaining composure under pressure. A great teacher is kind, patient, and resigned. He never gives in to the more base temptations of envy, distrust, and conceit because he is upright and conscientious. If I don’t work, I won’t be able to accomplish what I want in life. This goal must be realised with absolute devotion, unceasing effort, and persistent work. I appreciate the idealistic wish to raise men who would be able to leave lasting imprints on the sands of time. The maxim I teach my students will be “The heights by great men gained and kept.” where sudden flight could not have arrived.

I’m happy that my life’s goal won’t stay only a fantasy. It will soon grow into a lovely rose and serve as a lighthouse for those who are morally bankrupt, stupid, and backward. Deviation from this objective would lead to complete disaster, as Wordsworth has envisioned.
A noble goal that is faithfully pursued is equivalent to a noble conduct that is successful in the eyes of virtue.

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