Maple Leaf Cement Price in Pakistan Today 2023

Each 50-pound bag of Maple Leaf cement costs Rs. 1,135. In Pakistan, the name “Maple Leaf” is synonymous with the cement industry. Maple Leaf Cement may be more expensive than other brands, but it has a more positive reputation for quality. Maple Leaf is the most expensive brand of cement since it has the highest strength standards. Cement prices fluctuate in response to shifts in the cost of key inputs.

Maple Leaf Cement Price in Pakistan Today April 6, 2023

Maple Leaf cement ratePrice per 50KG bagPrice Updated on
Maple Leaf Cement OPCRs. 1,125-1,1306 April 2023
White Cement PriceRs. 1,8806 April 2023

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The market determines the per-bag price of Maple Leaf cement, which can vary depending on the location. In the fiscal year of 2022–2023, the cost of cement rose by a large amount. Fuel costs and the effects of inflation worldwide drove this increase. The DG Khan Cement Company makes a product that competes with Maple Leaf Cement.

Maple leaf cement costs are subject to daily changes and are not included above. Cement is widely used as a building material. The cost of steel isn’t the only commodity that has increased in price.

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