Internet Benefits and Drawbacks Essay – 500 Words

I’m going to share an English essay on the benefits and drawbacks of the internet in this post. This is a comprehensive essay for Class 10 and Class 12 students. I’m sharing this internet essay in particular with second-year students. For more essays, students should go to Essays with Quotations. The identical essay can be written under the headings “Essay on the Internet,” “Essay on the Benefits and Drawbacks of the Internet,” “Essay on the Uses and Abuses of the Internet,” and “Essay on the Advantages of the Internet.” For more essay examples, go to English Essay Topics.

Internet Benefits and Drawbacks for Class 10 and Class 12 Essay

The internet connects the networks of several towns and nations. It connects all of the world’s computers. The internet has reduced the world to a small, interconnected hamlet.
The internet comes in two varieties:

Online Work

Work of the Internet: As was already established, the internet connects all of the world’s networks.

Work of the Intranet: An intranet connects a nation’s various cities.

It is once more divided into:

LAN (Local Area Network) (Local Area Network)
It serves as a connector for a city’s many networks. A business, for instance, has two locations. The locations of the two branches vary throughout the city. The two offices are connected by a network. Both networks can communicate with one another if they are connected. This is known as LAN.

Consider a company with locations in various places throughout the globe. This system is referred to as WAN if all the networks in this office are interconnected. For instance, a bank has branches across the entire nation. Any modifications or discrepancies could be documented.

benefits of the internet

  • We can get all available information about the entire planet while at home.
  • Anybody in the world may be reached by phone.
  • With people from all across the world, we can get along well.
  • Anyone in the globe can be spoken to just as we are sitting face to face.
  • We are able to conduct business with different companies.
  • Email allows us to communicate with anyone, wherever in the globe.
  • Online viewing of TV shows from around the globe is possible.
  • We can obtain all of a writer’s, economist’s, or scientist’s electronic books, both old and new.
  • We have access to information about all global political and diplomatic affairs.
  • Those who are interested in sports and games can access these programmes online.
  • We can find out about openings in the computer industry throughout the world and apply for them.

Our nation’s cultural and social activities have undergone a revolution thanks to the Internet, which makes it possible for nations to quickly learn from the experiences of others. This has the potential to improve social and cultural ties between many nations. We can have banking and trading facilities. It can encourage international trade, travel, and tourism. It can encourage intercultural harmony, friendship, and marriage between various countries. There might be more understanding among the world’s nations. Nations and people may have a greater knowledge of one another. It might contribute to preserving world peace.

Problems with the Internet
The Internet has a lot of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. Many websites on the internet feature pornographic movies, songs, and dances. Very short gowns worn by young women are displayed. Additionally, blue movies are occasionally screened together with gratuitous explicit content. It doesn’t fit with our culture. It might ruin a young person’s character. Children and the young shouldn’t watch these programmes.

The younger generation also spends a lot of time playing online games, which might be detrimental to their academic performance. For kids, social media is like a drug. On the internet, they are wasting their time, money, and health. Everything in excess is harmful. Only instructive and beneficial uses of the internet are appropriate for students. Additionally, parents need to monitor what their kids are doing online.

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