Importance of Computer Essay in English in 500 Words

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Computers have largely replaced the slow, dispersed, and ignorant society of the past with a quick, globalised, and knowledgeable one. An object that can accept, process, and store data is a computer. For a modern man, the Internet further enhances computers’ amazing charms.

Currently, even young children are familiar with computers. The computer can provide education and entertainment for males. Computers now have an easier time understanding knowledge. In the present day, schools, colleges, and universities rely heavily on computers. Actually, a computer is a quick human intellect. The similarities between people and computers are greater than their differences, according to P.A. Scott.

When a man’s mind is connected to a computer, it makes many mistakes in less time and develops more quickly than in regular experimental life. Through social networks and programmes, modern man gets socialised even in a busy life as he searches through blunders. Because society moves quickly, it takes a quick hand on the computer to shake hands with a quick society. “Computer was born to answer the problems that did not exist before,” as Bill Gates puts it.

Today’s population and modern society are very much dependent on computers. Computers are used by organisations in education, business, government institutions and officials, private organisations, hospitals, religious growth, and traffic management. Every aspect of life has been profoundly impacted by computers. Computer systems are used to manage libraries. Through the internet, computers connect people, groups, and nations. In contrast to the past, nothing and nothing is far, even thousands of kilometres away. Additionally, the pace of creation in every discipline has accelerated. In a short amount of time, thousands of inventions are produced. The computer is an efficient time and labour saver.

Computers are so essential to a nation’s business, economics, education, and growth that life without them would seem pointless. Computers are being used to establish and organise international trade. In addition, technology advances quickly thanks to computers. Computers are a huge aid to practically all professionals, including scientists, engineers, and medical personnel. In almost every task, man relies heavily on computers. Computers are growing more human-like every day in terms of their capacity to make mistakes, according to Seth Lloyd.

These days, computers are a need for young people. These are young people’s needs and children’s happiness.

A computer can be used by man to either advance or devastate humanity. However, the person who harms others by misusing a computer’s clever design is not the computer; rather, it is the person. Since a sword has two possible uses—cutting the harsh or the innocent. We can infer that a computer satisfies modernity’s standards. It appears that modern man has a revolutionary mind in the form of a computer, and this mind is so incredibly valuable that it is now desperately needed by every person and society.

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