How to become a successful YouTuber? Important tips to become a successful

How to become a successful Youtuber: Do you know who is a Youtuber and who is a Youtuber? Today “YouTube” has become a huge video search engine . Anyone who has a smartphone today must use YouTube. YouTube is a video based app owned by Google .

There are many people who watch YouTube just for fun but there are also many people who want to make YouTube their source of earning. They do a lot of research on the internet about how to upload videos on YouTube?, How to earn money from Youtube . Today YouTube is earning for some, education for some and source of entertainment for some. That’s why you can also earn money by uploading videos on YouTube and helping other people.

People who make videos on YouTube or who are fond of video editing or any other thing and they share their skills to other people through YouTube , they are called YouTuber in simple language. And this work done by them is called Youtube or Vblogging . But not everyone is a successful YouTuber putting videos on YouTube . So the thing to note is how to become a successful YouTuber. Today in this post we are going to tell in detail how to become a successful YouTuber. What are the things you should keep in mind to become a successful YouTuber ? Or which mistake you should avoid, we will discuss about all these in this post today. So let’s get started.

Who is called YouTuber ?

If you want to start or do any work online then you will often hear two words, first blogger and second YouTuber, but do you understand the true meaning of blogger and YouTuber? You can understand it in simple language, a person who works on a website or blog, runs a blog, is called a blogger and a person who makes a video on a YouTube channel or runs a YouTube channel is called a YouTuber.

Many people who have a website or blog, they create a YouTube channel to promote their blog and promote their blog through it. In this way, if their YouTube channel becomes popular, then they are also called Blogger as well as YouTuber.

On the other hand, the person who has a YouTube channel, they also create a website to provide content in writing to their Subscribers and promote their YouTube videos online. After the website is popular, they are popular as YouTuber as well as Blogger. So now you must have understood what is the difference between a blogger and YouTuber and how they both work.

Although the work of a blogger or YouTuber is something in which they live their life. They do not work by living under anyone. He had no boss. So in this way they work as and when they want without any worries and at the same time earn good money. They can work on a blog or YouTube channel from anywhere by opening their own office or sitting at home. And you can share Knowledge, Tips, Opinion, Experience etc. to people online while sitting at home.

What are the types of YouTuber ?

Today you will find different types of channels on YouTube which provide different types of information. There are many YouTubers who give information related to technology, while many provide information related to Gaming, Entertainment, Astrology, Health and Fitness, Recipe, Education, Legal etc. There are many categories to create a channel on YouTube. You can create a channel related to the topic in which you are interested, but keep in mind that you post such things about which people search. Here’s a look at some of the particular YouTuber’s.

Tech YouTuber:  This is a YouTube celebrity who posts technology related videos on his channel. Information about technical news, Gadgets etc. happening around the world is given on this type of channel.

Some of the YouTube channels related to technology in India are Technical Guruji, Trakin Tech, Sidtalk, Tech Burner etc.

Entertainment Youtuber: These are YouTube celebrities who entertain people and rule their hearts. They publish such video content on their channel which can make people laugh and entertain them.

Some of the popular entertainment channels on YouTube are Amit Bhadana, BB ki Vines and Carryminati.

Vlogger:  These are YouTubers who go to different places and make videos of the scenes there and upload them on YouTube and present them in front of the people. Many people like to see such a scene. Because the fun of enjoying the view of the beautiful nature is different.

Some Famous Indian Youtube Channels related to Vlogging are Web Beast, Mumbiker Nikhil and Gaurav Zone, Gaurav Chaudhari etc.

Gaming Youtuber:  These are YouTubers who like to play games. They upload YouTube videos related to Gaming on their channel. They also stream live videos for people to play games. Some Famous Indian Gaming YouTube Channel names are Carryislive, Dynamo Gaming, Scout and Mortal etc.

Which topic to choose to create a YouTube channel ?

Although you can create a YouTube channel on any topic according to your skills, but YouTube channels based on the following topics are currently earning a lot of money.

Technology –   Today, videos related to technology are being posted everywhere on YouTube. This is because technology is one of the most popular subjects in the world today. So if you make a video about this, many people will watch your video and there will be a lot of earning. But there is a little competitive in this subject, but if you work hard, you will definitely get success. And once you get success, you will become a successful YouTuber.

App Review Channel   – Nowadays Android apps are used a lot. Me and you all enjoy installing new apps on mobile. But, we do not know about all the apps and hence people on the internet come to know about new and interesting apps. So, you can go to the Google Play Store, learn about the best apps, and make videos and upload them to your channel.

Mobile Phone Review  – In today’s time many people are earning money from YouTube. And if you want, you can also make a video about mobile by creating a new Mobile Review Channel on your channel. The better you tell about mobile, the more people will like your video. And in this way people will also subscribe to your channel to get new videos because many people like to get information about new smartphone.

Tutorial Video Channel  – Nowadays everyone is making their channel successful by uploading some tutorial videos on their channel. This is because tutorial videos are the most popular on the internet and hence people keep searching for different types of tutorials on YouTube. Tutorial videos can be anything that explain something to you. I mean you can make a video and put it on your channel about how to do anything, how to make it, how to start something.

Food Channel –  If you love to cook new, you can find success by creating your own food recipe videos on YouTube . You can run your own food video channel by making videos of making new dishes by yourself and showing you how to cook with yourself.

Blogging Tips –  Nowadays people search a lot of information on the internet to learn blogging. So, if you can create and upload tutorial videos related to blogging and WordPress, then that channel will be very popular.

Online Earning Tips –  Nowadays everyone is looking for new ways to earn money online from home. So, you can share the latest earning tips and tutorials on the internet through videos. People like this type of video very much.

Gaming Channel –  Today many people like to play games. Today many people take smartphones for gaming. You can play games on your mobile or computer, record them, and upload gameplay videos to your channel. Nowadays, these types of gaming channels are gaining popularity very quickly.

Above I have given you some ideas to make YouTube channel which is very popular nowadays and people are earning lakhs of rupees by uploading videos on these channels. Therefore, if you want, you can also create channels on these topics.

Successful YouTuber (Tips to Become a Successful YouTuber

Today it has become very difficult to work in any field. Today there is a lot of competition in every field. Today it has become very difficult to achieve success in any field. But remember, getting success in any field is difficult but not impossible. All you have to do is use a few methods and make a few changes to the way you do it.

A successful YouTuber means you have a lot of subscribers on your YouTube channel. You get more Likes, Comments and Replies. Today there are a lot of YouTuber who are uploading videos on YouTube and they are earning so much money online from their YouTube channel that they don’t need to do anything else.

Also, there are many YouTubers who are so successful that they are running their YouTube channel as a business. To become a successful youtuber it is necessary that you work by setting a goal. Once your YouTube channel is on the road to success, it can make you the owner of millions of dollars.

Creating a successful YouTube channel just requires working with your mind. If you have the interest, enthusiasm and desire to be successful at work, then you can be a successful and talented YouTuber. Apart from this, I have told about getting more views and subscribers on YouTube channel in my previous post. If you are a YouTuber then you  can read that post by clicking on this link . Apart from this , follow the tips given below to become a successful YouTuber .

  • Make videos about popular and work topics.
  • Make interesting and informative videos.
  • Pay attention to YouTube’s SEO .
  • Create quality and creative videos.
  • Be persistent – ​​Upload videos regularly.

Things needed to Becoming a YouTuber

To become a YouTuber , it is not enough for you to have just a Youtube channel . Apart from this, you need some special skills and some knowledge. Here a skill is required that you can show in front of other people and it should be accompanied by knowledge so that you can edit the video. However, you can also hire a video editor by paying some money. If you work diligently with patience for a few days, then you will definitely become a successful YouTuber one day .

To be successful on YouTube, you must have your own unique content. Because any user expects new and interesting content from you. Your channel’s ranking cannot remain stable until the content is strong. And to make a quality video you need few things which are following.

  1. Mike – Mic is very important to make Youtube Video, if you make YouTube video without mic, then your audio will not be recorded properly. For YouTube videos, you have to go into a quiet environment and record audio using a good mic. It is very important for you that what you explain to the user is well visible and heard, and if your voice is not clear then your viewer will be in trouble.
  2. Camera: It is very important to have a great camera to make YouTube videos. Nowadays people think that by recording video from mobile itself and putting it on YouTube , but it would be better if you buy a good camera separately. Although nowadays the best camera is available in mobile too, if you want, you can also use mobile for this.
  3. Video Editing Software: After recording the video, video editing software is required to give it a professional look. Video editing software is very important to remove some part in the middle of the video or to add animation to the video. On the Internet, you will find many Video Editing Software for PC and Mobile. Kinemaster and Filmora are very popular among the best video editing software for PC .
  4. Patience : Patience is required to do any work and especially in any online business. Because there is no business of its own in which earning starts as soon as it starts.

There are many YouTubers who get frustrated when they don’t get views after putting 1 to 2 videos and stop posting videos. So don’t be discouraged, one day your video rank will definitely be there. Don’t stop working hard. Because millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, it will take some time for your video to rank.

  1. Mobile / Laptop: To upload videos and edit videos on YouTube, it is necessary to have a mobile or laptop. You can also record or edit videos from mobile, but I would recommend you to use a laptop or desktop if you want to be a YouTuber for a long time or want to become a professional YouTuber.

Qualification for  Becoming a YouTuber

To become a YouTuber, you do not have to do any course nor do you need any degree for this. For this, you should have just a little knowledge about the subject with which your YouTube channel is related. You can do research on the internet for that topic or watch YouTube videos related to your topic . All you have to do is focus on your skill development.

You just have to keep in mind that you should have enough knowledge about the topic about which you are going to tell people, because your video will be seen by many people and you may be asked many questions related to that video. If you do live video streaming on YouTube, at this time you will be asked a question through live chat. You can imagine that if you do not give the correct answer then what will be the effect on the user. So do a little research before making a video.

Apart from this, you should be able to upload videos to YouTube, optimize it for search engines or publish it. For this you should also know video editing. If you do not know video editing, then you can also do online or offline courses for this or you can also get video editing done by paying some money by hiring any other video editor.

Ways to Make Money From YouTube

After creating a YouTube channel , if you have more than 1000 Subscribers , then you can earn a little bit. Later on, your earning keeps increasing on the basis of work. Here are all the mediums through which you can earn money through YouTube.

Google AdSense : You can easily earn income by showing Google Adsense ads in your videos. This is the easiest, most popular and most profitable way. For this you have to apply for Google AdSense. You can apply for Google AdSense when your channel will have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. You can read by clicking on this link how to increase YouTube ‘s Watch Time .

First of all, you have to turn on the monetization option of YouTube channel , after that it has to be connected to Google AdSense . After this, ads will be shown after your video is played. The more ads are shown, the more you will be able to earn. Here CPC and CTR are very important. If you put good quality video, then you will get good views, along with this, Search Engine Optimization of the video is also necessary. When your Earning will be 100 USD, after that it will be sent to your bank account.

Sponsorship: Another way to earn money from YouTube is through sponsorship. You can earn lakhs of rupees from sponsorship but for this you must have a big YouTube channel. Sponsorship requires a channel that has become a brand. You recommend any of your Subscribers to a particular company’s product on such a channel. For this the company pays you.

Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate Marketing is a killer way to earn money from YouTube. Here you have to promote/market the products of other companies through your own channel. If someone buys a product you promote, you will get a good commission from the company for that sale. Currently this is the best business model.

Apart from these three ways, you can also earn money by promoting your own services and products.

Apart from this, if you have a Youtube channel which has more Subscribers and you are not working on it or do not want to do it then you can also earn good money by selling that channel.

last word ,

Today in this post I told how to become a successful YouTuber . I hope you liked this post. YouTube has proven to be the most reliable and profitable way to earn money online. And, lakhs of successful YouTubers from all over the country and abroad are earning lakhs of rupees through their YouTube channels. So, if you become a successful YouTuber then you can earn a lot of money.

If you liked this post ( How to Become a YouTuber ) then do share it with other people as well. And if you have any question related to this post or I have left out any part, then tell us by commenting.

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