Forland Truck Prices in Pakistan 2023 – JW Forland Models

The Forland truck, developed by the JW SEZ company, has become rather popular in Pakistan. Forland truck costs in Pakistan as of late are listed below.

Forland Truck Prices in Pakistan 2023

Forland ModelPrice List in PKR
Forland C10Rs. 1,319,000
Forland C19Rs. 1,879,000
Forland C311 non turbo without deckRs. 2,999,000
Forland C311 Turbo without deckRs. 3,189,000
Forland C314 non turbo without deckRs. 3,099,000
Forland C717 (with new specs)Rs. 4,249,000
Forland Bus (BJ-6122- 12m)Rs. 26,700,000
Forland Bus (BJ-6946- 9.5m)Rs. 17,500,000
Forland Cx17 (Oil Tanker)Rs. 4,749,000

Price are effective from March 2022 and inclusive of 17% sales tax.

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