Essay on Travelling as a Part of Education

For Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, BA, and BSC students, write an essay on travelling as part of education.
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Traveling essay for grades 10, 12, and graduation
Traveling has traditionally been seen by philosophers and writers around the world as a component of education. Studying books and travelling are two ways we can acquire education and information.

The only knowledge you can get is theoretical and incomplete. It comes from a second source. Our interactions with both men and women will provide us with first-hand knowledge. The information we gain via our familiarity with things and people might be described as being recent and first-hand. Shakespeare made a valid statement.

“Youth who keep the house have domestic wits.

Our interaction with both men and women is what gives us actual knowledge. We can only learn more about people’s lifestyles, morals, and cultures by travel than we can from reading books.

All of the greatest thinkers and authors have viewed travel as an integral component of education. From Chaucer to Russell, almost all of England’s greatest thinkers went overseas to finish their education. Ibn-e-Batuta, Sheikh Saadi, and other illustrious East Asian authors and historians were all avid travellers. It demonstrates that they were persuaded of the value of travel as well.

Traveling broadens our historical understanding. We can learn so much about their culture through a trip to Taxila, Harappa, and Mohenjo-Daro that our books remain mute on. We can discover a lot about the Pharaoh and the pyramids in Egypt. A trip to India may likewise enlighten us to the splendours of the Moghul rulers’ architectural designs. The Lal Qila and Jamie Masjid Dehli’s splendour may leave an impression on someone. We can travel to Europe and view artwork in the churches of Florence and Rome. We can learn more about geography through travel.

A traveller simultaneously develops into a brilliant economist, politician, and historian. A person has the chance to research the social, political, and economic issues that exist in another country when they travel there. Additionally, he researches the customs, cultures, and way of life of the inhabitants. He compares every aspect of life in that nation with his own nation. He learns which option is preferable for the citizens of his nation in this way. He learns about both the positive and negative aspects of both nations from a comparative study.

A man’s character is positively influenced by travel. It moulds his habits and moulds his character. His manners take on a new hue as a result. His vision and sympathies are widened by travel. He pushes aside his prejudice. He integrates into the global community. He gains confidence and a certain level of tolerance. When he evaluates his manners in light of those of others, he becomes aware of his flaws and limitations. He patiently accepts his flaws.

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