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The Life of Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH ), My Hero in History, in an Essay

An essay on the life of the holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), my historical hero, can be found in this post. The identical essay might be written under the title Essay on the Life of Hazrat Muhammad or Essay on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) (PBUH). For Class 10 and Class 12 students, this is a straightforward and uncomplicated essay. This essay can be useful for 2nd year F.A., FSC, ICS, and Icom students. For every Muslim, the life of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) serves as an example. In this essay, we’ll give a brief overview of Hazrat Muhammad’s ( ) entire life. You can use this essay as practise material for your study. Visit the category for English essays if you’re looking for additional essays.
Essay on Hazrat Muhammad, The Holy Prophet (Arabic: )

In the renowned Quraish tribe, our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) was born in Makkah. Abdullah, his father, passed away before he was born. Amna Bibi, his mother, took care of him as a result. However, mother passed away when he was just six years old. His grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, took up his care, but he passed away soon after. Finally, Abu Talib, his uncle, took care of him and never left him in a difficult situation alone.

When he was 25 years old, Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) wed Khadija, a wealthy Makkah woman. All of Hazrat Khadija’s wealth was given to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) for him to use for good and honourable deeds. He gave aid to the destitute and poor. When our Holy Prophet (PBUH) turned forty, Allah, the Almighty, gave him the order to preach Islam. There is only one God, Allah, who created the universe and to whom all people will return, according to the teachings of our Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The inhabitants of Makkah slowly embraced Islam. Only a small number of people first embraced the new faith. The Makkans did in fact turn into the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) and his followers’ sworn enemies. They caused the Holy Prophet (PBUH) a variety of problems, but he resisted them. When they finally decided to assassinate the Holy Prophet (PBUH), he was forced to flee to Medina, where his disciples gave him a hearty welcome. However, the non-Muslims forbade him from living there in peace. To completely eradicate the Muslims, they engaged in a number of conflicts. Allah, however, gave our Holy Prophet (PBUH) the power to overcome them and complete his task.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) spent ten years in Medinah before returning to Makkah with 10,000 of his companions and taking control of the city. He could have dealt harsh punishment to those who caused so much trouble and plotted to assassinate him on the day of his conquest, but instead he pardoned everyone. After that, the new religion grew exponentially.

At the age of sixty-three, Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) returned to his Creator. He left the Sunnah and the Holy Qur’an for his followers.

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