Essay on the Cow for Class 10 Students in English

Here is an example of an English Class 10 essay on the cow. It is a simple essay for pupils in the tenth grade. Students who will write essays instead of paragraphs for the English paper should practise composing them. The vocabulary in the essay is excellent, and the length is also excellent. The essay was extracted from Kashmir Kitab Ghar’s English Grammer Composition and Translation. Visit this link for more English essays for the tenth grade.
English notes for the 10th-class essay “The Cow”

A useful domestic animal is the cow. It can be discovered practically anywhere in the world. It is a calm, kind animal. It comes in a variety of types and hues. White cows and black cows both exist. Some people are brown. Some are primarily red. Its body is large. It stands on four legs. In order to defend itself, it possesses two angular horns. It has a long tail with a substantial hair tuft at the end. It has four cloven-hooved feet. Mountains are home to small cows, while plains are home to large cows. It consumes grains, wheat, straw, cotton seeds, cakes made of oil, grass, and grammes.

We can do a lot with the cow. It provides milk that is beneficial to us in a variety of ways. It helps us stay strong and healthy. Small infants are in great need of its milk. Additionally, it benefits the elderly and the sick. From milk, we can make curd, butter, cheese, and many other things. Its milk is used to make a variety of desserts, puddings, and custards. Dryed-up and used as fuel is its manure. It makes excellent field manure. And we consume its meat. its bond is employed in the creation of toys, combs, and knife handles. To make shoes, suitcases, bags, and other items, its hide is tanned.

European cows are significantly larger and sturdier than American cows. Furthermore, they provide more mil. Cows in Pakistan are exceedingly frail and skinny. They receive neither adequate food nor attention. The best milkers are Sahiwal and Faisalabad cows.

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