Essay on Terrorism with Outlines and Quotes

Essay on Terrorism for Class 12, Second Year, B.A. and BSc Students with Outline and Quotations

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Essay on Terrorism with Quotes and an Outline


One of the most deadly types of criminality nowadays is terrorism.
the primary reasons for terrorism.
The religion that the west misunderstands the most is Islam.
the notion of Islamic fundamentalism among Muslims.
A political or liberation movement is not terrorism.
At all costs, it must be combated.

One of the most deadly types of global crime today is terrorism. Threatening or using force against civilians or the armed forces for political or personal gain is referred to as terrorism. Attacking civilians is a tactic used by terrorists to instil fear or other forms of harassment in society. They use bombing, death, kidnapping, and extensive property devastation as a last option. These vicious acts have resulted in the deaths of numerous innocent bystanders. There has been a global wave of horror and unease. Despite extensive security and defensive measures, people are shocked and horrified by the brutal actions of terrorists.

The main causes of terrorism are thought to be fanaticism, fundamentalism, intolerance, and religious extremism. Extremists in politics and religion don’t like their opponents and work to get rid of them. Some criminals do it to satisfy their desire for financial gain. They are the agents of other forces who lack sight. Another reality is that some intelligence services instigate terrorism in rival nations in an effort to destabilise them.

“Fanaticism destroys humanity’s feelings.”

The recent hijacking of American passenger airlines and their collision with the Pentagon in Washington and the World Trade Center buildings in New York is most likely the worst act of terrorism in history. America intends to punish specific people and nations that they hold responsible for terrorism operations across the globe. Their main targets are Usama bin Laden and a few Muslim nations.

Islam is the religion that the West misunderstands and misinterprets the most. One religion has been misrepresented as one of extremism and war, while another stands for peace and justice. Western media portrays Muslims as fanatics, radicals, terrorists, illiterate, lacking in discipline, passionate, and intolerable when it comes to religious matters. Fundamentalists think they are the righteous ones and everyone else is a heretic.

It is preferable to have some understanding.

than to frequently misunderstand.

However, there is no structured Muslim media in the Muslim World that can counteract this misinformation from the West and present a true image of the situation. The great past of the Muslims is actually exerting psychological pressure on the west. Islam was regarded as the ideological force that would eventually take over the entire world soon after communism in the Soviet Union fell.

Islamic fundamentalism in the eyes of Muslims is the rigid observance of the Holy Prophet’s era (PBUH). It aims to revive Islam by putting into practise the Islamic values of the modern world’s Golden Age. Terrorism and jihad are entirely unrelated crimes. Jihad is the Arabic word meaning the effort made in God’s name. Its goal is to put an end to Islam’s persecution and hostility. Its goal is not to spread Islam through the use of force. It is not the resurgence of the antiquated Islamic idea of expansionism and anti-waste hatred.

Jihad is stressed in the Quran as a heroic endeavour to “fight against those who abuse the innocent men, women, and children brutally.” Jihad stands for heroic efforts that uplift moral character and attempt to perfect oneself in order to become closer to Allah.

“Love of God and man is the essence of religion.”

Terrorism differs from political movements and liberation movements as well. It is impossible to classify the movements for the liberation of Chechnya against Russia, Palestine against Israel, and Kashmir against India as terrorist organisations. To be free from the harsh regulations, they are fighting with weapons. They are combating hostility.

“If we like them, they’re fighting for freedom,

In our opinion, they are terrorists. A. Carl Sagan

The evil of terrorism. At all costs, it must be combated. To defeat this evil and its agents, governments and nations must band together. At the same time, the UN needs to take action to eradicate injustice, privation, and unhappiness from all world religions.

“Mankind must provide a solution to every human dispute,”

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