Essay on Science is a Blessing or Curse with Quotations for Students

Essay on Science is a Blessing or Curse with Quotations for Students

Essay on Islam as a Complete Code of Life | Essay on Islam as the Cure for All Our Ills

Here is an essay on Pakistan’s ideology, which was adopted in the name of Islam. The same essay can be written by students in response to the prompt, “Essay on Pakistani Ideology,” Islam is a complete way of life, according to this essay. It has all the answers to all of our problems.

Essay on Pakistani Ideology for Grades 10, 12, and Graduation
Pakistan is a Muslim nation. It was established on August 14th, 1947. In one way, it differs from many other nations around the world. Unlike the majority of the world’s nations, it is an ideological state. On the basis of language, race, and religion, other nations around the world maintain their populations’ unity. However, Pakistan is the only nation where religious ties bind people together. Pakistani citizens, for instance, are spread out throughout several provinces. They each speak an own language. Additionally, their geographic and climatic environments are dissimilar. They come from several racial groups. The only thing that has brought them together and has managed to keep them completely together is Islam. To live and work for Islam’s honour is their one shared goal.

Despite this, Pakistan is not a theocratic state in the strict meaning of the word. This is so because Islam is so dissimilar to other faiths. It is a full system of living rather than an ethical, ideal, or moral code. It governs a person’s political, economic, and spiritual lives. “Isalm is a social structure, regulated by a legal system and inspired by a specific ethical ideal,” Dr. Iqbal correctly stated. Islam is a religion that exists in both this world and another planet. It accords the wellbeing of the body and the soul equal weight.

Islam rejects nationalism as a notion. It forbids the development of any social structure based on constrained patriotic concerns. It seeks to bring all of humanity together. It aims to establish a global social structure devoid of all racial and geographic distinctions. Islam itself is a fantastic unifying force. It has the power to unite people and groups from different castes, colours, races, and nations.

Islam is one of those ideologies that is whole unto itself. Its practical or social side is inextricably linked to its religious component. Restricting oneself to mosques goes against the principles of this faith. Islam aims to establish a society free from all forms of exploitation in the area of the economy. It emphasises the importance of fair wealth distribution. It exhorts the wealthy to assist the poor and needy at their time of need. It created the “Zakat” system to promote equitable wealth distribution. In an effort to eradicate poverty and close the wealth-poverty gap, zakat was created.

According to the Quran, God has complete or undisputed sovereignty in politics. As a result, all governments and states are now servants of God, the Supreme Ruler. They must therefore follow God’s commands and enact laws in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Islam teaches us about the responsibilities of the state, criminal law, war and peace, taxation, commerce, and property ownership. The rights of neighbours are given a lot of emphasis. It teaches us how to behave properly and in social situations. Islam is a perfect religion that provides a solution to all of our issues, we can state with absolute confidence.

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