Essay on Road Accident with Quotations for Students

Essay on Road Accident with Quotations for Students

There is an essay on road accidents available for students in all grade levels. From the perspective of the tests, a Road Accident Essay with Quotations for FSC 2nd Year is crucial. The student will describe the circumstances surrounding an event that occurred in this essay and will also offer some quotes about it. There are two examples of essays on traffic accidents for class 10, class 12, and graduation in this post. More than 500 words are used in the first road accident essay sample, while more than 300 words are used in the second sample. The same quotations can be used in both pieces.

Students may use the titles Essay on Road Accidents in Our Country, A Motoring Accident Essay, A Bus Accident, and An Accident Essay to produce the same essay. There are many more essays accessible. You can also get My Hobbies Essay right here. Visit Top 20 Quotations for Essay about a Road Accident for more quotations.

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500+ Word Essay about a Road Accident for FSC Second Year
Be Wary, Accidents are Harmful. Charlie Lamb
Life is a bed of thorns, not a garden of roses. In daily life, accidents happen frequently. A road accident is defined as an incident involving at least one vehicle on a public road that results in one person being hurt or killed.

Life has become extremely bustling and quick on our hectic planet. People must travel for a variety of reasons. To get from one location to another, they travel in various vehicles. The majority of drivers on the roadways appear to be in such a rush that they don’t even bother to observe the traffic laws. Some of them even don’t know the traffic laws they need to follow. Serious traffic accidents are the outcome of this irresponsibility. These mishaps can be fatal; if the victims are fortunate enough to live, they may be permanently disabled or at the at least experience a serious injury.

“Road sense is the child of decency and the father of safety,” said someone. Traffic in Australia
Road accidents can also have a variety of other causes. Rash driving is at blame for most accidents. The primary cause of traffic accidents is the irrepressible drive to assert oneself as the king of the road amongst rushing buses, motorbikes, cars, and other vehicles. When a driver’s attention is split between the person on the other end of the phone and the moving vehicles on the road, many accidents on the road occur. Despite repeated warnings from the authorities, people continue to use their cell phones carelessly and cause accidents.

“Accidents—particularly those on streets and highways—don’t just happen; they’re caused.” Greenwood, Ernest
The accident I’m about to describe is a terrible one. Actually, I was involved in a car accident myself. It was simply another ordinary morning and a rainy day. I took a shower and then contacted a friend to come get me. We were behind schedule since everything took a little longer than normal, which was expected. Ali, a friend of mine, was moving quickly to get to college on time.

“Those who take risks cause accidents.” Richard Allen
We began travelling on the first route leading there. There are numerous small hills along this three-mile road. Unluckily, a dead deer was lying in the middle of the road. It was struck by our car, which then lost control.

“Be safe; avoid harm. No safety, injury known. (Horace)
It abruptly collided with a tree next to the driver’s side. The vehicle came to a stop making a bulging noise. My head was slightly injured. I was afraid, but I soon understood that God had spared me serious harm. I turned to face my pal. His health was in grave danger. He was unconscious as I was trying to call him. I was so perplexed that I was unsure of how to save him. I exited the ear to ask for assistance. There was a group of two to three people. One of them quickly dialled “1122” for the ambulance, the emergency number. The ambulance showed up promptly. We arrived at the hospital after a roughly 15-minute ride in the ambulance. We took him to the X-ray area and had his arm and leg X-rayed. They discovered that his left arm’s forearm bone was shattered. In addition, his hip bone was seriously hurt. For surgery, he was brought to Civil Hospital. His hipbones were given a plate to help keep them together. He spent almost eight weeks in a wheelchair after spending six days in the hospital.

“You bet your life when you gamble responsibly.” Harry Dickens
We give Allah praise for saving our lives. We now understand the value of life and the fact that it may be taken away in a single minute. When you are operating a vehicle, this is even simpler. A minor accident could cause serious harm or even death. We were fortunate to obtain assistance right away since else, things would have become worse. This incident taught me a valuable lesson about the need of adhering to traffic laws and avoiding reckless driving.

“Don’t repair and repent; prepare and avoid.” A. A. Milne
Essays with Quotations for the Second Year

300+ word essay on “A Bus Accident” suitable for classes 10, 12, and graduation
Every day, there are traffic accidents in our nation of Pakistan. Usually, rash and reckless driving is to blame for these terrible incidents.

I had to drive from Gujranwala to Faisalabad last year. Early in the morning, I awoke. I prayed in the morning. I then began to pack my suitcase. I took a cab and arrived at the General Bus-Stand. After purchasing a ticket, I boarded the bus.

Soon, the bus pulled away. It was brand-new and cosy. On the bus, there were about twenty people. The conductor anticipated more people getting in the path. The driver and all of the passengers appeared to be in a pleasant mood. The bus was being driven a little too quickly.

In approximately an hour and a half, we arrived in Sheikhupura. The bus stopped there for fifteen minutes before starting again. Our bus was involved in an accident after just travelling ten kilometres.

The speed of our bus was really high. On the road, a sizable pit appeared. The motorist put his foot on the brake. The brakes didn’t work. The bus was out of the driver’s control. As a result of repeated collisions with the ground, the bus’ tie-rod was shattered. A bus travelling in the opposite way struck our bus. I was propelled through the bus gate and out of my seat. I collapsed to the ground and passed out.

When I regained consciousness, I saw a terrible scene. I suffered severe wounds. Passengers who had died or been injured were laying around me. Both buses were missing their front sections. Several passengers had passed away. Two pieces of a woman had been separated. Death and blood were all around me. In some ways, I think I was the sole traveller. I was unable to maintain my composure any longer. I lost all sense once more.

When I regained consciousness, I discovered that I was in a hospital. My folks had also arrived there in the interim. I had to spend a week in the hospital.

To sum up, careless and rash driving is the primary cause of road accidents in our nation. The accident was a terrible one that I met and saw. My thoughts are always drawn back to the accident site. I won’t ever forget this terrifying car collision.

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