Essay on Religious Extremism Causes Effects and Solutions

Religous extremism essay for matric, fa, fsc, second year, bsc

Here is an essay on religious extremism for 10th, 12th, and graduate-level students. Islam and religious extremism or terrorism are unrelated, according to religious extremism. Additionally, it will cover the problems that lead to religious extremism as well as its causes, effects, and remedies. There is also an essay on pollution available.

Essay on Religious Extremism for Classes 10, 12, and Graduation

Fighting or killing those who disagree with one’s religious stance is referred to as religious extremism. It is quite widespread throughout the world, and even developed nations are not immune to it. No one has ever associated it with Muslims or Islam. Even Muslims are frequently the targets of attacks by religious fanatics in other nations. But in Pakistan, religious fanaticism is pervasive and well-liked. Pakistan is a highly religious nation. In the name of Islam, it was established. Unfortunately, some of its religious intellectuals and ulemas split the nation up into numerous groups. The Muslims’ unity is fragmented. Members from one sect have a great animosity against people from other sects. Religious extremism is when one religious group believes its beliefs to be true and accurate. He believes that its stances are definitive and decisive. The other groups’ religious beliefs are erroneous. He despises and is uncomfortable with the other group. This fuels animosity toward the opposing group. Each individual maintains his point of view and believes the opposing viewpoint to be incorrect in this way.

Religious extremism’s causes
The following variables lead to religious fanaticism in people:-

  1. According to observers and philosophers, people’s emotional and non-rational thinking is what leads to religious fanaticism. They contend that individuals become overly subjective and preoccupied with their own thoughts. Their reasoning takes on a distinctive hue. To comprehend God’s message to humanity, we must first read the Holy Quran. Islam is a way of life, from the moment of birth till the moment of death. Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) entire life serves as an example for us and the rest of the world. Anyone who comprehends this will never approach religious fundamentalism. Next, rational, scientific thinking is a crucial component in preventing the threat of religious fanaticism.
  2. Religious fanaticism is developed by ignorance and a lack of modern knowledge. Our population is largely ignorant. They lack awareness of current information developments in many spheres of life. The conflict between ignorance and knowledge is brought on by this. The ulemas, religious intellectuals, and thinkers maintain their position. They attempt to coerce the others into accepting their viewpoints. This creates a climate of fear, mistrust, and suspicion.
  3. Minds that are simple and credulous are the ones that engage in religious extremism. They do not examine their beliefs and take them for granted.
  4. Religious fundamentalism has caused a lot of bad things. Many nations around the world have experienced dictatorship and violence as a result. It has exhorted religious radicals to use force to intimidate others who disagree with their beliefs. The conflict between “Shias and Sunnies” has been exacerbated by this. Numerous members of the competing religious sect were murdered by these two groups. They murdered innocent people, including doctors, professors, researchers, and other members of society who were considered to be civilised. Such a form of religious extremism is exceedingly damaging to society and can splinter the nation’s integrity and cohesiveness. The existence of this type of religious extremism threatens the nation’s unity.

Religious extremism’s effects
The following ills result from religious extremism:

  1. It creates a climate of mistrust and fear. People start to dislike one another and wonder what each other is really trying to do.
  2. Religious groups and organisations are created as a result of religious extremism. These organisations receive funding from foreign governments who use it to impose terrorism in undeveloped nations. These groups band together to form armed units and employ violence to terrorise and intimidate the opposition. Such gangs do exist in Pakistan, where they engage in ruthless intergroup killing. Force results in deep animosity and enmity. The nation’s economic advancement is halted by the atmosphere of conflict, tension, and tragedy. Foreign investors cease funding significant projects.

Controlling Religious Extremism: Solutions
By doing the things listed below, we can defeat religious fanaticism.

Students who attend Madrassas should receive an education that is modern.
Religious extremism manifests as as a result of intolerance. The populace needs to learn how to be tolerant of one another. Through electronic media, Islamic principles on human dignity, equality, and justice should be spread. Islam is a just and peaceful religion. An electronic media campaign should be launched to educate people about Islam’s true principles.

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