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Essay about Pollution with Quotes for Second-Year Students

Here is a sample English essay on pollution for FSC Part 2 students. You can use this essay to study for exams if you are a second-year Ics, Icom, or F.A student. We shall talk about what pollution is and how it affects our health in the essay on pollution with quotations. This essay was lifted from Kips Notes, a well-known academy. The essay is of excellent quality and length. I had already posted a pollution essay with an outline, but the quotes were missing. I am posting it today for the pupils. You can view the list of other English essays with quotations for FSC that are already available here.

Essay on Pollution for FSC, F.A, ICS, and ICom Students with Quotes
“Cleanliness is half of health,” they say. (حضرت محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)

To pollute is to taint or contaminate anything. The beauty and purity of things are spoiled by pollution. The human race has come a long way. He has created fantastic inventions to make his life easier and more convenient. His relationship with nature has been tainted by these great inventions.
The phrase “Pollution is the beginning of perdition” the John Trapps

Without a doubt, whistling trains, fast cars that race down the highways, and aeroplanes that zip across miles of distance in a flash are beneficial, but they have polluted the air we breathe. These toys’ smoke pollution of the air caused by running and flying contributes to a wide range of respiratory and lung ailments.

We enjoy making our homes beautiful and living a wealthy life, but this luxury comes at the expense of the environment. Every electronic equipment emits harmful rays that are bad for our health. We reside in a mechanical environment, one that is both expressly and implicitly damaging to us. They are our pals, yet they have actually given us a variety of ailments.
If it weren’t for our lungs, the amount of pollution in the air today would have no place to go. Torben Robert

To meet the demands of the expanding population, there must be an abundance of production. Mechanized farming, insecticides, pesticides, and fertilisers are all highly popular and widely used. The need for sufficiency is urgent, but all these strategies have tarnished the purity and value of natural things. Because of constant cultivation, cultivated lands are unable to generate the appropriate amount. Long-term usage of these substances has proven to be harmful.

The environment and water on earth are being contaminated by factories that manufacture hundreds of everyday items. This contaminated water is used to water crops, which is harmful to human health. We are losing our riches, which is our health.
“Pollution will kill you if you don’t kill it.” (Anonymous)

Minerals from the soil have been removed through excavation for a variety of reasons. In order to build homes, markets, and workplaces, man is depleting the earth’s resources and polluting it. We are destroying the environment and causing pollution in many ways.

Pollution is reducing the amount of ozone, a protective layer that blocks harmful rays and protects human existence. To protect the future of our future generations, it is urgent that we take action to reduce pollution.

Finally, we may state that pollution has evolved into a social issue. To deal with this growing threat, the government should take action. However, the government’s efforts cannot solve this problem on its own. It asks for both increased public awareness and personal engagement.
Air pollution’s health impacts put people’s lives in danger. This is a well-established truth. Edward Bernice Johnson

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