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Essay about Women’s Place in Society with Quotes for Class 12

This article on women’s roles in society includes quotes for FSC second-year students. I’m sharing this essay with FSC Second Year students in particular, although Class 10 and Graduate students can also use it to study for their examinations. Visit this site if you already have the essay’s substance and just need some quotations. Visit Essay Quotations in English as well. This essay for Class 12 is significant from the perspective of the exams. If the students compose this essay, they may call it Essay on Women’s Place in Our Society with Quotes, Essay on Women’s Role in Society, Essay on Women’s Place in Our Society, or Essay on Women’s Place in Society with Quotes. Visit Essays with Quotations for FSC as well.
“Lucky is the lady whose first child is a daughter,” goes the proverbial saying in the essay “The Place of Woman in Our Society” for FSC 2nd Year.
(Referring to Prophet Muhammad ( )

Women have never had the prestige and respect they do now. In all spheres of life, they are performing their proper duties. Men have just recently begun to recognise their value to society. The idea of a male-dominated society is currently losing ground. Women have established their superiority over all others.
Before Islam saved them, women had no position in society that was respectable. They suffered abuse and lacked the right to an education, financial independence, or inheritance. They were viewed as the devil’s creation. They buried the newborn daughters alive. Along with their deceased husbands, they were also burned alive. Islam granted women essential human rights and respect.
“A woman will choose to save the life of a baby before even thinking about whether there are guys on base if she has to choose between catching a fly ball and doing so.” Mr. Dave Barry

Today, women are fulfilling their roles in various contexts. Now that they are a daughter, sister, wife, and mother, they have better standing. They are independent in their social, economical, and marital lives. They are no longer restricted to the house’s four walls. They currently take part in all aspects of the nation’s social, political, and economic growth.

The preservation of the human race is a woman’s primary duty. She has to go through a lot of struggles for this. She gives birth to children, cares for them, and supports their development. True to form, great men come from great mothers. A nation’s development is based on how mothers raise their offspring. Women’s education will inevitably advance and prosper society.
The world’s largest untapped talent pool is made up primarily of women. Ms. Hillary Clinton

Women have always contributed significantly to the growth of a nation. In the early years of Islam, women and men both worked side by side. Muslim history is replete with examples of women who achieved greatness as poets, thinkers, and Sufis. They have the right to express themselves freely and to voice their ideas on political, legal, and religious issues. They cared for the wounded on the battlefield, managed the supply lines, and in some instances even fought valiantly.

Some women might prefer to choose a job path that will allow them to support themselves. There are some tasks that women can complete more quickly and effectively than males. Teachers, doctors, and nurses can be highly effective and successful with them. They excel in the educational and medical fields because they are kind and compassionate by nature.
The true creators of civilization are women. Invoking Harriet Beecher Stowe

Being a decent wife, sister, daughter, and mother is a woman’s primary obligation when she practises Islam. She should use her skills to take care of the house and oversee family concerns. She needs to be aware of what she owes as a wife or mother. The downfall of civilization will result from her failure to act. Islam and Pakistan’s constitution have given women an enviable position. Women shouldn’t misinterpret or abuse the liberties that have been granted to them. As responsible citizens, they should contribute wisely to the development and prosperity of the nation. They should continue to live in harmony with both the natural forces around them and themselves.

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