Essay on Overpopulation with Outline

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Essay on Overpopulation with a Plan


  1. Overpopulation is a global issue.
  2. the primary reasons for population growth.
  3. a significant barrier to economic progress.
  4. India portrays the conflict as being caused by “Muslim Fundamentalism.”
  5. a thorough family planning strategy.
  6. No religion forbids the use of birth control. Islam.

Global overpopulation is a concern. One of the world’s most populous nations is Pakistan. A 3.1 percent annual growth rate is being experienced by the population. Politicians and administrators are concerned, sociologists are terrified, and economists are perplexed. It has brought about a number of issues, including illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment.

Not too many births, but other factors, are mostly to blame for this unprecedented population expansion. It represents our triumph over illness and death. Two other significant contributors to the rising population are poverty and illiteracy. Adult illiteracy rates are at 42 million. They are unable to comprehend the terrible consequences of population growth.

The impact of the growing population is clear. Our efforts to improve our people’s quality of life have largely been ineffective. All efforts at progress are being neutralised by population expansion. The neighbourhood, the family, and the people all experience suffering as a result. According to one of our economists. To plan while population expansion is unrestrained is akin to building a home in a flood plain. It now poses a significant obstacle to the growth of the economy.

A thorough family planning strategy must be implemented in order to curb population growth. Our nation is experiencing serious economic difficulties. The solution is to decrease the birthrate. We must reduce our birth rate from 3.1 to 1 in order to stabilise the link between population and necessities of existence. Every young person must understand the disastrous and negative effects of overpopulation. We ought to act in a responsible manner.

Many uneducated people mistakenly think that religion opposes family planning. They interpret it as child murder and defiance of God. They do not attempt to comprehend the genuine spirit of Islam; instead, they accept the Mullah’s orders mindlessly. In Islam, there is no moral prohibition against birth control.

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