Essay on Our School Canteen for Class 10 in English

This post has an English essay for Class 10 on “Our School Canteen.” You could also call the same essay “Essay on My School Canteen.” This essay is for people in the 10th grade. If you are a student looking for a great essay, you should read this one. The vocabulary is very good, and it shouldn’t be too hard for students to learn it by heart. You just have to think about your school’s cafeteria, and the rest of the essay will be easy to change.

The cafeteria at our school is nice. It is in a corner of the building where the school is. It is a common spot on the school grounds. A young man with good habits runs it. He tries to keep it as clean as he can. The students like to go there. It is a big draw for both the students and the teachers. It is a place to rest and have fun. The students are happy here. Everything is sold there. We might have candies, cakes, eggs, kababs, chocolates, milk, curd, fruit, biscuits, and grammes. We think the prices are fair. Here, you can buy new things. Flies are kept away by keeping everything covered. All thins are kept in cases made of glass. The tools are clean, shiny, and nice-looking. The cups and saucers are brand new and look great. No edge is broken. The tea leaves are of a high quality. Students have easy chairs and benches to sit on.

Our headmaster and the school doctor go there often. They make sure that the shop owner doesn’t sell things that are old, dirty, or not up to par. During breaks, it’s always too crowded. It looks like a busy window. Everyone in school goes to the shop. Some like tea, some drink lassi. Some of them eat boiled millet, while others drink milk. Students with money eat pastries and eggs, while students with less money eat grammes. The owner of the store is very nice. He is a very nice guy. He’s always happy. He is a trustworthy individual. He is loved and respected by his students. The way he treats teachers is a good thing. Teachers have a different set of rules. Some like to read the newspaper, while others like to smoke. We like our school’s cafeteria a lot. It is always clean. The students are free to buy anything they want.

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