Essay on My School for Class 10 Students in English

An English essay sample on My School for Class 10 students can be found in this site. You must prepare My School Essay if you’ve chosen to write an essay rather than choose a paragraph. One of the most significant essays for class 10 is this one. The essay was extracted from Class 10 English Grammar Composition and Translation. More essays for Class 10 are provided here.
English notes for the 10th-class students’ essay on my school

In Government High School, I read. It’s located right in the middle of the city. It is close to my house. I find it to be a very charming site. It has a lovely structure. It seems to have a talisman over us. It’s quite opulent. It features a sizable perimeter wall. There are thirty rooms. Each room is spacious, tidy, and clean. They are painted and whitewashed. They are nicely decorated and lit. In each chamber, there are stunning images of our country’s heroes. The ceilings are really high and the walls are enormous. Our classrooms get oppressively hot and muggy throughout the brutal summer. The headmaster has a room to himself. In his room, he receives guests and parents.

My school has a large hall. It is used for meetings and exams. On it are lovely graphs and images. A new library has been created for my school. It contains a wonderful selection of books on many subjects. We read periodicals, novels, newspapers, and magazines. Additionally, it boasts a sizable science lab, a magnificent museum, and a lovely sports complex.

My school has a sizable playground. The majority of the lads engage in sports. In my school, there are flower and grass gardens. The flowers smell quite nice. They always bring joy to our hearts.

In my school, there are about fifty teachers. They are all highly skilled and knowledgeable. They are really honourable and diligent. They treat us kindly. Our headmaster is a capable individual. Results from my school are good. It excels in debates, sports, the library, scouting, and top results by a wide margin. I am happy with my school.

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