Essay on My Last Day at College with Quotations and Outline

My Last Day at College Essay for Second Year with Outline and Quotes

Here is an essay on my final day of college complete with second-year quotes. Students of FSC in particular might prepare for exams using this essay. This well-written article includes an outline and quotes. Prepare the outline first as the points will come to mind. You can finish writing the entire essay later. Here is a second essay on the same subjects.
Essay on My Last Day at College with Quotes and FSC Outline


  1. It was a significant day in my life.
  2. the enjoyable times of the position.
  3. The farewell celebration was a wonderful event.
  4. The final remarks.
  5. It marked the conclusion of two wonderful years at my college.
  6. the time of separation.

My last day at the college was March 31. The test would begin one month later. I was experiencing mixed emotions, both happiness and melancholy. At the end of the school year, I was somewhat relieved. Over the past two years, I put a lot of effort into achieving my goals. I was confident I would receive fantastic marks in the second segment because I received 430 in the first section. Future plans for me included becoming a doctor. Being aware that I was getting closer to my destination made me pleased in and of itself. It was a significant day for me in this regard.

It was the split-second on the other side. My thoughts wandered to the good old days, and remembering them made me melancholy. My first day at the college came to mind. when I became a victim of the senior students’ jokes and misdirection. After a year, I was a senior lad myself and frequently made jokes about freshmen. The pleasant recollections of the past two years started to sparkle in my head. I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my lips.

Friends split ways, and recollection transports them to her deep, clean caverns. Toby Haynes

In our college, it is customary for the junior students to throw a farewell party for the graduating seniors. They are given special treatment on their final day of college. Under the guidance of a senior lecturer, the first-year class students arranged a wonderful event in accordance with college tradition. Flags and buntings were displayed throughout the college. We first gathered on the college’s lawn to take a group portrait. Then, for additional activities, we headed to the college hall.

The event was overseen by our college’s principal. A parting address was delivered by the first-year class representative. He expressed his gratitude to the second-year students for their assistance and leadership. He promised to follow in the seniors’ footsteps. I spoke on behalf of the other students in my class. I expressed my gratitude to the teachers for their tenacious and unselfish efforts to enlighten the pupils’ brains. I also wanted to express my gratitude to the first-year students for planning such a wonderful event in honour of the departing senior students. I pledged that the send year students will work nonstop to improve the college’s reputation.

Hard labour cannot be substituted. (Edison)

The deserving principle then delivered a speech in style. He counselled us to carry out our responsibilities as students and members of civil society honestly. At the conclusion, our principal wished us luck in the future and offered us his blessing. It was a motivational and enduring speech. After he concluded his remarks, all of the students applauded.

A variety show followed the formal addresses. It was planned for the visitors and students’ amusement. A few fun-fair acts were performed by the students. We were given tea, biscuits, cakes, and fruit after the performance. In every way, the farewell celebration was a huge success.

It marked the conclusion of two wonderful years at my college. There, I had enjoyed many joyful moments. I actively participated in sports and debates and received numerous awards. Some of my teachers had a significant impact on me and broadened my perspective. I also meet a few new people whose pleasant company I will never forget.

Long after it was no longer audible, the melody in my heart continued. (Wordsworth)

Undoubtedly, my final day of college was a special day in my life. With heavy hearts, each departing student bid farewell to their professors and friends. Tears welled up in my eyes as I walked out of my institution.

The best remedy for heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, is the release of water. (Revarol)

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