Essay on My Hobby Stamp Collecting for Class 10 in English

Here is an example of an English Class 10 essay on the topic of my hobby, stamp collecting. Everyone has a different hobby, and that is all you need to talk about in this essay. If only the title is asked, students may submit the same essay. Write a paper on your hobby. My favourite interest is gardening, which I’ve already written about in an essay. This specific essay is intended for matric students. The topic is well-paced, and the vocabulary choice is excellent.

A hobby is something we do in our spare time for enjoyment and amusement. There are many various types of hobbies, including gardening, photography, stamp and coin collecting, and painting. Almost everyone has a personal interest.

My pastime is collecting stamps. I am a stamp collector for several nations. My treasured treasure, they are. I pull out my CD whenever I’m feeling down and it makes me smile. I have a sizable stamp collection. The Bazar does not sell any stamps that I have ever purchased. I have paid nothing for my collection. My father is an office worker. He frequently gifts me stamps from various nations. Stamp collecting is a fascinating pastime. Furthermore, I don’t find it challenging. I swap stamps with many of my pen pals. They quiz me frequently about my own country. I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the manners, cultures, traditions, and customs of various nations. This information was sent to me via communication.

There are several images on stamps. I see images of kings and queens, men and women, birds and animals. Stamps have taught me about several countries’ histories. The stamps constantly bring back pleasant memories for me. I enjoy my hobby a lot. My enjoyment is increased by it. It’s a fascinating thing to do. For me, it is not an expensive pastime. I use it to renew my mind. It also broadens my knowledge. I keep myself occupied with a beneficial activity. In comparison to painting or photography, my activity is less expensive. For all of my pals, the stamps are a treasure trove of interesting and practical information.

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