Essay On My First Day at College With Quotations for FSC

With Quotations for My Second Year and Graduation, My College Essay

You can compose this essay if you’re looking for English essays for FSC, second year. This essay on my first day of college includes quotes and a graduation and second-year plan. This essay is suitable for students in grades 12 and above. There is another essay on the same subject here as well.

For convenience, students can insert quotes from the first essay sample into the second essay sample. The student is free to select whatever type of essay he wants. I’ve included a selection of English essays with quotes for the second year of the FSC. The list should be shown to students. For pupils who only need quotations, a separate topic on English Essay quotations is also accessible.
Essay about My First Day at College (More Than 500 Words) with an Outline for FSC and BA, Class 12


  1. the ideal college experience.
  2. The pleasant memories of his first college day.
  3. the college’s building.
  4. College staff members.
  5. The college experience is very different from school.

One should be able to entertain three things after graduating from college: a buddy, an idea, and oneself.

Dreams are always lovely and alluring. I had had enough of my school’s oppressive environment, where pupils were treated like cattle. Since my school days, I had been daydreaming about a liberated, self-sufficient, and charming existence at college.

Hold on to your dreams because if they die, life will be like a bird with broken wings that is unable to soar. Lennon and Hughes

The matriculation exam results were released after a protracted period of anxious waiting, and I received first Division. I was accepted to the government college.

The pleasant memories of one’s first day at college are never forgotten by a student. The classes were set to begin on September 1st, and I was already aware that the seniors would perform first-year tricks on the freshmen. I was therefore mentally ready for it.

I met a couple seniors on my first day of college who asked me to do some foolish things. I felt a little embarrassed, but I handled it well. The college’s assembly began at eight o’clock. First, there was a time of prayer and Holy Quran recital. The pupils heard an introduction from the principal. He used a Chinese adage to illustrate the obligations of college life for us:

The door is opened by teachers, but you must enter on your own.

The pupils then proceeded to their classrooms as the timetable was announced. The lecturers arrived during their periods and gave thorough lessons. The senior lectures take place while the classes move from one room to another. Senior students arrived to make us seem foolish while classes were being moved from one room to another. They made humorous remarks to welcome the newcomers. My initial thoughts about the college are still clearly in my memory.

Being a student at Govt. College makes me proud. One of Punjab’s well-known institutions is my college. The college’s beautiful structure, outstanding playgrounds, and stunning landscaping have left a lasting impression on me. Its laboratories are fully furnished with tools and equipment. Students from all around Punjab attend this school. Many of our students achieve honours and placements in the board examination each year.

The College’s personnel are highly skilled. The lecturers are considerate, cordial, helpful, and on time. They are properly attired and polite. They routinely mentor the students in academic and athletic pursuits.

The college experience is very different from school. It is fascinating and exciting. Students are given complete freedom to take part in all co-curricular activities offered by the college. They are deemed capable of abiding by the college norms. My classmates are really intelligent and diligent. I am having a terrific time at this fantastic university.

Colleges are settings where diamonds are dulled and stones are polished.

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  1. 300+ Word Essay on My First Day at College: My Experience

My first day of college is a day that I will always remember. For me, it was a very positive, enjoyable, humorous, and lovely event. It will always be fresh in my thoughts.

I successfully completed my S.S. Exam and received excellent grades. For entrance to the First-Year Class, the Principal of the Government College in our city invited applications. I submitted an application and was accepted. The kids received their roll numbers. Work on the lessons started. I was pleased with myself for attending college.

The senior students impressed me on my first day of college with their intelligence and energy. They appeared eager to “first-year-fool” the freshmen in First-Year Class. They made humorous remarks to welcome the newcomers. The majority of us started to feel anxious, which gave the senior students more reason to tease us.

We went into the classroom when the college bell rang. My first day of college was that day. For me, it was a brand-new experience. We were studying English at the time. The worried lecturer walked into the room. He started calling the roll. He then gave us a brief introduction. He explained the policies and procedures of the college to us. He also discussed the value of discipline. He continued by discussing English. We changed to another classroom because the period had ended and the time was up.

In essence, on that day, every teacher we had talked to us about the value of working hard and paying close attention in class. They suggested that we routinely study.

My memory of my first day of college is still quite recent. I was happy and joyful that day since my desire to enrol in college had been realised. I had previously made two trips to the college with my older brother. I had always desired that after finishing my formal schooling, I would have to enrol in the college because of its orderly and tranquil environment. Now that I was a student there myself, the college seemed to be a nice and quaint location. I was enjoying a brand-new sensation and happiness.

In conclusion, I had a wonderful first day at college. For me, it was a great and fascinating experience. I was quite happy that day because I was a college student. I can say that my first day of college was entertaining, interesting, funny, and something I’ll never forget. It will stay vivid in my recollection as a positive experience.

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