Essay on My Favourite Pastime with Quotations and Outline

My Favorite Activity Essay for Students of Matric, F.A, FSC, B.A., and B.Sc. with Quotes

Here is an essay about my favourite pastime that includes quotes for matric, F.A., FSC, B.A., and BSC students. For exams, it’s crucial to write an essay using quotations about your favourite hobby. You can write the same essay if the topic is “Essay on My Hobbies,” “Essay on My Favorite Past Time,” or “Essay on My Leisure Activities.” Visit this link for more English essays.
Essay on My Favorite Hobby with Quotes for Class 10 and Class 12 Students


A hobby is productive work done in leisure time for enjoyment.
varieties of hobbies.
I love gardening as a hobby.
It provides both a means of aesthetic enjoyment and physical activity.
cleaning up the yard.
It keeps me connected to God and the natural world.

“Once planted, the love of gardening never withers away.” (Geoffrey Jekyll)

A hobby is a useful task carried out in free time for enjoyment and without payment. This profession is very different from the typical profession. It is only pursued for leisure. After a long day of work, a pastime can be a cheap source of entertainment. It protects us from the monotonous daily grind. It provides us with a task to perform when we are idle.

There are numerous pastimes, including reading, stamp and coin collecting, gardening, and photography. Everyone chooses their pastime based on their preferences and needs. My favourite pastime is gardening. I’m ready to unwind after a long day of work. I ignore my problems while gardening and feel mentally refreshed.

I walk away from the garden of plants and toward the garden of inner joys, where flowers flutter on leaves and thoughts jangle on beats of the heart and the intellect.

The lawn in my home is lovely. In my leisure time, whenever I have it, I enjoy growing lovely flowers. I’ve raised rose, lily, and sunflower flowering plants. I enjoy the flowers’ delightful scent very much. Before my eyes, there is always something new. It maintains me in good health, a good mood, and ready for the workday. It provides both a means of aesthetic enjoyment and physical activity.

“A beautiful item is a joy for all time.” (Keats)

I am equipped with gardening tools. I’ve got a lot of manual labour to accomplish. I manure the land and get it ready. I provide my plants with regular watering and weather protection. I have many beds ready there. Flowers of all sizes, colours, and shapes can be found in each bed. In addition, I grew vegetables for our daily consumption. Consequently, we don’t buy vegetables from the market.

Earth is so nice that she simply laughs with a harvest while she tickles her with a hoe.

My true love is gardening. It motivates me to take on a new endeavour. My heart swells every time I glance over my modest yet lovely lawn. There is fresh enjoyment with every new blossom. I praise the Majesty of Allah as I watch the natural world expand and degrade. My interest of gardening helps me stay connected to both God and environment.

And I consider the carnation and the pink in my flowerbeds; (Rupert Brooke)

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