Essay on My Best Teacher in English for Class 10

This article includes a sample English essay on “My Best Teacher” for students in Class 10. This essay is being shared for students who intend to write an essay rather than a paragraph for their English paper. For kids in the tenth grade, writing an essay about their best teacher is crucial. Visit these Essay Writing Topics for more essays that include quotations.

Students may use the following title for their essay:

Essay about My Best Teacher
Essay on My Favorite Teacher The Teacher I Like The Most
Essay on My Teacher

Mr. Ahmad is my best instructor out of all the ones I have. He teaches us English and has an M.A. in education. It appeals to me a lot. He is a gentleman in every way. He is from a wealthy family. He is intelligent, tall, and healthy. He has a lot of experience. He is a productive educator. He is a 40-year-old man who is young. He constantly maintains his composure. He dons a straightforward clothing.

He is a good man with virtues. His behaviours and thoughts are pure. He is a devout man. He often offers prayers. He deeply cherishes Islam. He is really reliable and on time. He does his duty and is highly accountable. He never arrives late for class.

He is really interested in our academic endeavours. He conducts his instruction well. His approach to teaching is excellent. He provides everything in an engaging manner. He has complete mastery over his subject. He is utterly confident in his ability to instruct. He provides each student his undivided attention. The students are encouraged to ask him questions. He answers all of the students’ queries while grinning. His relationships with his students are excellent. They discover a loyal and kind friend in him.

He treats us kindly. He is always eager to help us with our concerns. He extends us a warm and kind welcome. In his presence, we put all our troubles to rest. He speaks softly and with clarity. He never gets angry or hurts people. He never uses a cane in class since he is such a nice and caring person. He says we should work hard. He has taught us a lot of things.

To his coworkers, he is incredibly sincere. They have complete faith in him. He meets their expectations in their hour of need. Even the peons and clerks are kind with him. He is a kind leader in their eyes. The principal appreciates his opinions. He always asks for advice when he has a problem. He is the proper headmaster for managing the school’s operations. In other words, he serves as a caring friend and a wise mentor to the pupils, instructors, headmaster, parents, and even the peons. We are pleased with him. A long life to him!

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