Essay on My Aim in Life with Quotations for Students

Essay on My Goal in Life for Classes 10 and 12 with Quotations

For students of F.A, FSC, B.A., and BSC, you may find an essay on My Aim in Life with quotations and an outline here. For all classes, the My Aim in Life Essay with Quotes is crucial. You shouldn’t skip this essay if you are studying for the examinations. You can discover the quotations in the other sections of this article as well as the outline of the essay on My Aim in Life at the game’s beginning. You can also view my life’s aspirations essay.
My Goal in Life Essay with Outline


Our lives are guided by our ambition.
For a young man, choosing a profession is a difficult undertaking.
The person’s preferences and skills should be taken into consideration when choosing their future vocation.
The civil administration has a poor reputation in general.
to seek employment in the federal service.
determination to succeed.

To a star, hitch your waggon (Emerson)

Our lives are guided by our ambition. It motivates us to pursue lofty goals in life. It arouses our vigour, bravery, and enthusiasm. Without ambition, life is uninteresting, dreary, and dull. Nobody can succeed in life if they don’t have a clear goal.

“A great character is driven by enormous ambition.” (Napoleon)

Choosing a profession is a difficult decision for a young person. Many aspire to become wealthy or successful businesspeople. While the majority of students want to be engineers, doctors, lawyers, military officers, or scientists, other people dream of being leaders, politicians, or social reformers.

This single action of selecting a goal and

Maintaining consistency alters everything. By Scott Reed

Everyone has their own aspirations, however the future profession should be chosen while taking the person’s preferences and skills into consideration. What do I want to be then? I’ve made the decision to become a C.S.P. officer since it fits my preferences and temperament. I have an active, vivacious, and risk-taking nature. I have a powerful talent to communicate. I’m an intermediate student right now, and after I graduate, I’ll take the competitive exams for this position offered by the Public Service Commission.

If you want success, just follow your passions and convictions; success will follow automatically. Dave Frost

Without a doubt, the public’s image of the civil service is negative in contemporary culture.

There is a lot of exploitation and corruption there. The majority of government employees take bribes and seek payment from the guilty party. They are frequently criticised for their poor administration and corruption.

I have chosen to become a C.S.P officer despite the negative reputation of the civil service. I don’t want to join it for the money, influence, or fun. My goal is to change my culture. Corruption, lawlessness, and instability are problems there. I want to eradicate every negative aspect of our culture. I have some good ideas for changing society. My position as a C.S.P. officer will be very beneficial to me in achieving my objective.

Miracles are the result of creativity plus bravery plus hard work. Robert Richards

My dad wanted me to become a doctor. He had been discussing it since I was a young child. But because it did not suit my preferences or temperament, I did not like the medical profession. My father was informed of my desire to work as a C.S.P. officer. I made arguments to support my position. He therefore gave me the freedom to pick the profession of my choosing.

I am aware that becoming a C.S.P. officer is not easy. To achieve my goals, I will have to put in a tremendous amount of effort. For it, I am willing to make any sacrifice. I’m resolved to do everything in my power to fulfil my goal.

“Man has the power to shape his own fortune,” (Bacon)

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Second Essay: My Goal in Life with Quotes and an Outline for High School, First Year of College, BA, and BSC

In life, having goals or ambitions is inevitable. It provides us with guidance about how to approach achieving it. It is comparable to the compass. A man will struggle in life in vain if he doesn’t know where he’s going.

There are as many goals, aspirations, and desires as there are men. Some aspire to be physicians. Others have aspirations of becoming engineers. Some people want to work as civil servants. Many people want to join the army as officers. Some people aspire to be poets, authors, playwrights, or novelists. Thus, each person has a different aspiration or goal.

My life’s goal, aspiration, or dream is to work as an English professor. I would like to pursue a career as a college professor for a number of reasons. Which are:

A really noble vocation, teaching. Those who teach others are the best individuals in the world. The only occupation that allows a man to fully serve his country is this one. A ladder is similar to a teacher. Similar to a ladder, a teacher doesn’t move while guiding others up the ladder of life. Therefore, it is preferable to become a doctor-maker, engineer-maker, or officer-maker rather than becoming a doctor, engineer, or officer yourself.

It is common knowledge that only men contribute to a country’s dignity and greatness. These men are made at educational facilities. I enjoy writing, reading, and instructing. I can live a student’s life with the help of this career. As English literature is my favourite topic, I have aspirations to become a professor of the subject.

My enthusiasm in my academics is quite strong. I chose to become a teacher in the hopes of creating and educating men who will be of tremendous value to the country. Being a teacher, I can also benefit my country by creating books that will help my people develop their character and become responsible citizens.

To sum up, a person’s life goal, ambition, or dream is very important. Without goals, ambitions, or life dreams, a person or a country cannot advance in the world. Since it fits my preferences and nature, I am completely satisfied with my goal, ambition, or dream of becoming an English professor. Being a college instructor is something I really want to achieve.

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