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Essay about My Goals in Life in English with Quotes for FSC Second Year

This article includes a sample English essay on “My Life’s Goal Is to Become a Teacher” with quotes for students in grades 12 and up. This essay is specifically provided here for students in the second year of the FSc programme, so you can use it to prepare for exams. However, exceptional Class 10 pupils can also prepare this essay. Students in different courses and intermediate students can write the same essay under the headings “Essay on My Ambition,” “Essay on the Profession of My Choice,” “Essay on My Ideal Career,” and “Essay on My Life’s Purpose.” Visit English Essays for more excellent essays.
Essay on “Becoming a Teacher is My Life’s Goal” with Quotations

“The ambition, whether attained or not, makes the life great.” Rob Browning

According to Aristotle, a goal-seeking animal, man, is. His effort to achieve his objectives is the only way his existence has significance. Many people fall short in life because they are unable to focus and manage their energies. When people lose their focus and start to bend, they lose their effectiveness, much like nails do.

“Low aim, not failure, is a crime,”

I believe that after setting a goal, we should work really hard to achieve it. The great efforts of committed men with lofty aspirations in life lead to the advancement and prosperity of a nation.

As many men have aspirations. For some, becoming a doctor or engineer is their dream. Some people aspire to be civil and military officers, while others want to be poets or writers. My goal in life is to be neither wealthy nor powerful. I don’t want to be a king; I want to be a kingmaker because I only believe in human welfare, which can only be attained by educating and reforming my fellow citizens.

A teacher has an eternal impact. – (Henry Adams) (Henry Adams)

No matter how odd it sounds to others, I want to be a teacher. My dream job is teaching English. Teaching is incredibly unique and significant. Influencing children who will grow up and matter to the world is of the utmost significance. I made this decision for a variety of reasons.

4 teachers have an impact on important people in the world. – (James Hilton) (James Hilton)

Prophets, saintly priests, and moralists have all made their livings as teachers. I have a favourable attitude and teaching preferences. Allah sent our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) to this earth as a teacher for all of humanity, just as a good mother raises good children and a teacher builds up a decent nation. The best people, in my opinion, are those that mentor others. Engineers construct impressive structures such as highways and dams; doctors provide medical care; civil servants oversee government operations; and military personnel protect the nation, but it is their professors who shape them into the professionals they are. A teacher is a producer of engineers, doctors, and officers.

“Fame is the scent of valiant acts.”

  • (Socrates) (Socrates)

Some people could inquire about my desire to teach English. The majority of people worldwide speak and understand English, making it the world’s primary language and the Lingua Franca. The majority of books on contemporary philosophy, history, commerce, and other topics are written in English. Therefore, learning English is a need if we want to create competent engineers, physicians, managers, and legislators.

I put in day and night labour to fulfil my goal. I focus solely on learning English language and literature. Regardless of what others may say, I am happy with my goal. In the end, I have to admit that our goals and aspirations play a big role in choosing a profession or vocation for us.

“Those who trust in the beauty of their dreams have a future. You only have one life, but if you live it well, one life is all you need.

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