Essay on My Aim in Life for Class 10 in English

An example English essay on “My Aim in Life” for class 10 students may be found in this post. One of the most significant essays for all grades, including Matric, is this one. Prior to sitting for the yearly exam, students must prepare this essay. The identical essay can be written by students under the headings “Essay on my aim in life,” “Essay on my ambition in life,” “Essay on my goal in life,” and “Essay on what I want to become in my life.” The student will explore his goal in life—becoming an English teacher—and provide some justifications in this essay. I’ve already published a fantastic essay with citations about my life goals. That, however, is just for FSC students. Students in Class 10 should read this essay. Visit this for more 10th-class English essays.
Essay on My Life’s Goals for the 10th Grade – English Notes

Everyone has a goal in life, no matter how big or small. According to Robert Browning, “The objective, whether attained or not, makes magnificent the life.” A goal is therefore crucial in life. It acts as a kind of compass. Each person has a different set of goals. Some people strive for fame, some for power, and still others for wealth. Some people want to learn new things. I likewise have big aspirations for myself. My goal in life is to find happiness for both myself and other people. I’ve made the decision to become an English teacher in order to fulfil my goal. I made this decision for a number of factors. A noble career, teaching. Those who teach others are the best individuals in the world. A good and respected member of society, teachers. He strengthens the country through knowledge and helps the country. Knowledge is the driving force behind all global growth. God exalts those of you who believe and are given knowledge to high levels, according to the Holy Quran.

I’m a good fit for this line of work. I enjoy reading and instructing. I will lead a life of learning by choosing this job. In my nation’s best interest, I will serve the people. Now, I put forth a lot of effort to accomplish my goal. I put all of my attention into learning English. I read reputable literary works, renowned periodicals, and English newspapers. In achieving my goal, I’ll adhere to the standards of justice and honesty. I will always make an effort to preserve my ambition unadulterated, sincere, deserving, and free from corruption. I would never consider leading a selfish life at any cost.

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