Essay on Modern Youth or The Problems of Young People

Essay on Youth Issues for GCSE, A-Level, 2nd Year, FA, FSC, BA, and BSC

This essay on modern youth is intended for students in various classes. The identical essay can be written under the headings Essay on Young People’s Issues, Essay on Contemporary Youth Issues, and Essay on Contemporary Youth Issues. This essay will address the youth generation, its issues, causes, and goals.

Class 10, Class 12, Graduation, and additional classes for The Modern Youth
The man goes through several stages of life, from childhood to old age. Childhood and adolescence are years free from responsibility and worries about the future. Only in one’s youth can one begin to experience some of life’s realities. Being young is definitely incredibly exciting. It is a time of light as a man’s physical, mental, and spiritual faculties approach adulthood. In a liberated and unrestricted environment, these powers grow and prosper.

The young man is aware of his burgeoning power and vitality. He is ambitious and full of hope. He wants to exploit the world’s resources and wants to rule over everything. Young people’s unbounded hopes and ideas are what make them what they are. A young man is enthusiastic. He has no regard for the future and only considers the here and now. Where angels fear to tread, he rushes in. Many of his decisions and acts are impulsive and stupid. He lacks maturity and experience. He scatters wild oats and makes lots of mistakes. Youth is a time of irresponsibility, as we might say.

The modern young man has evolved into a social outcast. He rejects the conventional moral standards of society. He desires independence and enjoys using violence. The young man is seen battling the forces of law and order all across the planet. He represents the greatest threat to societal norms. We read reports about their altercations with cops in the newspapers. They lead processions and speak at public events. Different forms of revolt are expressed by them. They manoeuvre their cars quickly. In front of their parents, instructors, and elders, they maintain long hair and smoke. They are battling for change all around the planet.

Their uprising has clear, apparent causes.

They oppose the unfair economic and social order in the first place. The vast majority of people are receiving some. They oppose the intense animosity that exists between nations. They desire a more favourable world. They strive to encourage global understanding between various countries. They favour global harmony, fairness, and order. They reject the world’s contemporary materialistic trends. In every aspect of life, they are opposed to hypocrisy, insincerity, and dishonesty.

Second, they discover that there are unfavourable conditions in the sphere of education. Numerous disciplinary statutes and regulations govern their actions. In universities and colleges, they are not given the proper freedom to encourage their healthy hobbies. Additionally, even after receiving an education, individuals are not hired for occupations that match their skills and qualifications. They demand that the boundaries put up between students and teachers be removed. They are particularly aware of plagiarism and other forms of test fraud. The current generation of youth is likewise dissatisfied with the curricula and teaching materials. These causes are to blame for their turmoil and uprising.

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