Essay on Mobile Phone with Outline and Quotations

Essay on Mobile Phones: Their Uses and Abuse FSC Part 2 and Graduation

The introduction of the essay about cell phones. If you own a cell phone, you are aware of its significance in our everyday lives. An article about the benefits and drawbacks of mobile phones is provided below, along with a discussion of legitimate usage and prohibited behaviours in today’s world. For Class 12 and Graduate students, here is an essay containing quotations on mobile phones. For pupils who enjoy writing 2nd Year English Essays with Quotations, there are further English essays available.

The contemporary era is a communication era. The globe has become a global village thanks to the most recent forms of communication. Distances have no longer mean anything with the invention of the cell phone. It has made sure that there is a continuous, instant connection between cities, nations, and continents. A cell phone was only a status symbol a few years ago, but today it is an integral part of our daily lives. For our social, political, and economic endeavours, it is incredibly practical and helpful.

“Life is what happens while your phone is charging,” the saying goes. – (Unknown) (Unknown)

Children are enthralled by the allures of the cell phone. It provides them with amenities and pleasures on many levels. They enjoy engaging games, vibrant backgrounds, and melodic ring tones. Through SMS and MMS, they stay in touch with their friends. Within a few seconds, the mobile phones convey their feelings, wishes, and requests. Additionally, kids can benefit greatly from the various features and apps that come with mobile phones, such as the dictionaries, calculators, stop watches, timers, reminders, etc.

In terms of social and political contact, the mobile phone is crucial. It is being used by political figures, employees, and social organisations to coordinate their efforts. It saves time and keeps them constantly connected. I send data, information, and orders. Schedules, programmes, and images are sent directly to the person in question. It is portable and keeps us constantly in contact with the rest of the world. In an emergency, it is quite helpful. When someone encounters obstacles or problems along the route, it is really beneficial. With the use of this great tool, he can easily and readily notify his friends and family.

“Home is where the heart is, but in this day and age, the heart is in the phone!” – (Rachitha Cabral) (Rachitha Cabral)

Additionally, it is incredibly beneficial for trade, business, and commerce. Various services are being offered to customers by banks and other economic institutions via mobile phones. They can quickly check their balance and transfer deposits thanks to it. The global business community is now connected as a result.

Businesses can find out the costs of products made in other parts of the world. Through a cellphone call, they can quickly clear up any ambiguities or misunderstandings in business.

Despite the fact that mobile phones have many benefits, reckless use can have some negatives as well.

First, the snob culture in society is being fueled by mobile phones. Young people in particular are obsessed with new mobile phone models. They misuse it carelessly, wasting time and money.

Second, using a mobile device for illegal and immoral purposes is also quite effective. Criminals employ it in illegal activities like terrorism, kidnapping, kidnapping, and robberies.

Third, some users engage in serious auto accidents while using it.

Four, the mosques, churches, classrooms, libraries, and hospitals’ serene environments are disturbed by the ringing bells of this building.

Fifth, it is abused by people who leave pointless messages and missed calls for other people.

You’d be shocked at how challenging it is to give up a cell phone. – (Adrien Brody) (Adrien Brody)

The mobile phone is quickly becoming widely used due to its significance in the modern world. Every day, millions of people use it. Every year, hundreds of the newest mobile phone models are released. In Pakistan, a number of cellular providers have set up their networks. They provide subscribers with a range of services and amenities at prices that are significantly lower than those of their rivals. Undoubtedly, if utilised properly and responsibly, a cell phone is quite valuable.

Essay on Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones for FSC Second Year
Cell phone is another name for the mobile phone. It is an integrated transmitter and receiver. It functions similarly to a cordless or portable phone. In this day and age, cell phones are extremely common among the general public.

Every year, there are more people using cell phones. The initial cost of a mobile phone was very significant. Mobile phone services could only be used by a small number of powerful businesspeople. Eventually, the cost of cell phones and network access was decreased by the carriers. As a result, cell phone services were a huge financial success.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Use
The use of mobile devices has transformed life. They have shown to be incredibly effective and handy. They guarantee prompt communication. In the areas of business, culture, trade, and commerce, they are working marvels. They have increased output speed. Everywhere they are and anytime they choose, people can communicate with one another.

First you need a cell phone, then you need an aeroplane, and then you are truly a wireless, according to Ted Turner.

People’s safety has increased as a result of cell phones. In the past, only wired phones could be used to reach police and other security personnel. But the communication may be stopped if the wire was cut. Additionally, a telecommunications disconnect of this nature could cause significant harm. However, such a barrier is no longer a barrier to speedy communication between the public and security personnel. People now feel secure in their homes, cars, and even in deserts.

The use of mobile devices has improved the quality of life. People willfully call in medical personnel or technicians. They don’t need to go looking for these people. They complete tasks while seated at home, getting their items fixed and meals served. Additionally, it saves them time, which improves their quality of life.

Benefits of Mobile Phone
Mobile phones have a lot of benefits, but they also have a lot of drawbacks.

The use of mobile devices clearly wastes time. People are frequently observed playing games, listening to music, using the internet, sending messages, and conversing on cell phones for hours at a time, which is bad for their health and morally wrong. Our youth have suffered because of mobile phones. Young students give in to the allures of their mobile devices and waste their time engaging in pointless activities rather than paying attention to their schoolwork.

I believed that the development of the mobile phone would allow us to save time and money, but we are actually doing the exact opposite.

Your youth’s ability to stay on the moral path of life is being fatally undermined by cell phones. They are being victimised by moral decay. Who are the post-midnight free mobile service packages intended for? Are they intended for doctors, businesspeople, or traders? Except for the disciples of the devil, everyone is asleep at this time of night. All of these mobile service bundles have the same results: moral decay, illegal love, and a rejection of our cultural norms.

Lawlessness is now unquestionably caused by mobile cells. The emergence of illegal activity in society is a result of unregistered mobile connections. If simply the unregistered cellphone connections are disconnected, at least 50% of crimes would be stopped. Roman philosopher Seneca says:

“He who does not, while he can, prevent crime, encourages it.”

Noise pollution is also a result of mobile phones. The public is irritated by the loud ring tones. Doers’ attention is drawn away from their primary concentration by their mobile calls. If the mobile phone is not turned off, nobody can perform their duties with complete attention. To stop noise pollution, the government could mandate that people keep their mobile devices on silent.

Mobile devices have placed an excessive load on the nation’s economy. Mobile phone imports consume a significant amount of foreign exchange. This has an impact on the effectiveness and productivity of foreign exchange.

Following the examination of mobile phone benefits and drawbacks, it is clear that businesspeople, physicians, merchants, and other professionals are the only ones who can truly benefit from mobile phones. But because they waste time and money, they are a curse for the underprivileged, especially young students.

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