Essay on Load Shedding or Energy Crisis with Outline

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Students of various classes can read this essay about load shedding with an outline to help them become ready. The causes of load shedding in Pakistan will be covered in the essay on load shedding. The identical essay might be written using the subject “Write an essay on Energy Crisis.” The problem in Pakistan has an outline, causes, and solutions.
Essay on Energy Crisis and Load Shedding Outlined essays for grades 10, 12, and graduation (Effects, Reasons and Solutions)

Effects of load shedding on the life of an ordinary man Importance of electricity in daily existence
load shedding’s effects on the economy and business
The causes of load shedding in Pakistan include because there is not an adequate supply of power.
How can this energy issue be resolved?

For modern life to continue, electric energy is essential. Energy availability has a direct impact on a nation’s prosperity because electricity is essential to every aspect of modern life. Working at hospitals, corporate centres, and railroads all depends fully on electricity. Our farms and industries will stop operating without electricity. Our homes, commercial areas, streets, educational institutions, and colleges will become cemeteries. It is regrettable that Pakistan’s production of such a necessary item is minimal. Compared to the expanding demands of our farms, industries, mills, and factories, much less electricity is produced. Our nation’s population is expanding quite quickly. To meet the rising demand for electricity in the future, much less electricity is produced. As a result, the nation must now turn to load shedding.

Our nation has suffered greatly as a result of load shedding. Our social, economic, and cultural lives have all been severely disrupted. During the lengthy load shedding hours, the economy and enterprise of the nation cease to exist. Hospitals and educational facilities for doctors suffer greatly. The commercial areas are completely dark. Road traffic is severely impeded. Everything is shaken. The flow of life as a whole pauses. If there is enough electricity available, such a thing is not possible.

We don’t have enough electricity because of the following reasons.

First, we use water, oil, coal, and gas to produce power. The cheapest way to generate power is with water. We were unable to complete the Kala Bagh Dam. If it had been constructed, there would have been an abundant supply of power that was also reasonably priced.

Second, it is exceedingly expensive to produce electricity using coal, gas, or oil. Thermal power is the name for the electricity that these substances generate. For a developing nation like ours, establishing the thermal power plant is very expensive. The cost of the thermal stations’ electricity is prohibitive for their customers. Even the country’s highly competitive industry is not appropriate for it.

Third: Nuclear energy can be used to generate power. Establishing nuclear power plants is not simple. The expense of nuclear reactors is high. Western nations rely heavily on nuclear energy as a source of power. Nuclear energy accounts for 80% of the energy produced in France. In Pakistan, this is not possible.

The following factors also contribute to our electricity shortage:

A. The electrification of villages has increased demand for power. It’s required for residential usage in the new housing colonies as well. Due to this, there is now more demand for electricity.

B. Summertime usage of electricity rises. Every year, the use of air conditioners grows. Compared to its generation, power is used up more quickly.

C. The energy-saving measures have utterly failed. During the evening hours, lights are turned on in the hotels, commercial centres, and roadways. People make the most efficient use of electricity. The lack of discipline affects the entire country. The houses have all of their lights on.

The following actions can be taken to combat the energy problem.

More power plants can be built to boost the production of electricity. To produce power at a low cost, we should construct more dams to store water.
The primary source of energy should be nuclear energy.
The government should conduct research to determine how and where more power may be produced at a lower cost. The main source of energy that can be utilised is solar energy.
There should be an electronic media campaign launched to promote energy conservation. It is important to educate the public on the true nature of the electricity problem.
After eight o’clock at night, all business centres had to be shut down. Only during the sunlight should marriages take place. We can conserve a lot of energy in this way.

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