Essay on Importance of English in Modern Age

Essay on English’s Role in the Modern World for FA, FSC, BA, and BSC
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English’s importance in the modern world Class 10, Class 12, and Graduation Essay
English is an ancient tongue. It entered the Indian subcontinent with the English emperors. Since then, the English language has had a significant impact on the inhabitants of the subcontinent. The Muslim community was urged to learn English by Sir Syyed Ahmad Khan. His efforts are commendable in this situation. He gave the Muslims instruction to learn English so they could compete with the Hindus in every aspect of life. They would have remained behind if they had not learned English. The following subjects can be researched in relation to English’s significance in the modern world:
English is nearly a universal tongue. It is read and spoken in practically every nation on earth. It has connected diverse regions of the world and encouraged communication between citizens of various nations. Its comprehension is crucial for advancing global understanding. People in Pakistan enjoy using their native speech when speaking and learning. They enjoy speaking Pushto, Sindhi, Urdu, Balochi, and Punjabi. However, Pakistan is still unable to translate subject textbooks into the local tongues. Four provinces’ residents can become more united through the use of the English language.

English has evolved into a language of learning and knowledge. This language contains all of our technological and scientific knowledge. Trade and commerce are covered. We conduct all of our international business in this language. This language conveyed to us the knowledge of engineering, technology, surgery, and military equipment.

English has the best literature and educational content. We have standard terminology and symbols in many areas of science and technology that are not provided by any other language in the world. English proficiency is required for jobs both domestically and overseas. The English language has been crucial to our fight for independence. The English language served as the medium for all of the operations in this regard.

It is really difficult to abandon English. It currently has very deep roots in our society. India’s subcontinent has had it as an official language for more than 200 years. It is utilised by our executive and judicial branches of government. Our schools, colleges, and universities all teach it. Doctors, engineers, teachers, and other educated people communicate their ideas both nationally and internationally using this language. Our educated population loves it a lot. Although the Urdu language is very young, its significance cannot be overstated. When it comes to vocabulary and range, it cannot match English. We can conclude that English has a bright future in Pakistan. But we are unable to eliminate it.

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