Essay on Importance of Education in Life with Outline and Quotes

Vitality of Education Class 10, Class 12, and Graduation Essay

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Essay on the Value of Education for Second-Year Students with an Outline


  1. The foundation of the country must be built through education.
  2. Pakistan’s rate of literacy.
  3. educational institutes in Pakistan.
  4. causes of the decline in educational standards.
  5. Investment in education is an investment in the nation’s future.

“A standing army is hardly a better protector of liberty than education.” Edmund Everett

To create the foundation of the nation, shape the national character, instil a sense of responsibility in the populace, promote discipline, and modernise the nation, education is all the more important. Education fosters both individual and societal well-being. We must be educated and informed if we are to advance, protect our freedom, see democracy develop, and gain respect among the countries. If not, we will make a fool of ourselves and our freedom.

Pakistan has a middle-income status although only 40% of its population is literate. According to a report by the United Nations Development Programme, Pakistan has “Low Human Development,” and on the basis of a number of other factors, it is ranked 120th out of 160 nations on the Human Development Index. Why has Pakistan lagged so far behind when nations like the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia, and the Maldives were able to reach 100% primary participation rates and above 80% literacy rates in just 30 years?

The current educational system in Pakistan is a fusion of dated colonial institutions and a weak Islamic revivalist movement. They deliver an odd blend of pseudo-Islamic institutions that lack any underlying ethical or moral principles. An army of neo-colonial bureaucrats is intended to be produced by the obsolete curriculum. Students in such an educational institution who focus on science and technology typically end up as mercenaries. They learn how to make a life, but they don’t do anything to advance society. Such education has not succeeded in fostering the moral character required for the sociocultural development of the individual and the Ummah.
The following factors contribute to Pakistan’s declining educational standards, according to a radical evaluation of our educational system.

  • lack of direction.
  • insufficient political will
  • secondary education’s constrained subject matter.
  • secondary and higher education’s subpar quality.
  • There is a severe lack of scientific and vocational education.
  • the contentious issue of instruction medium.
  • Overworked, underpaid, and inadequately trained teachers.
  • insufficient formal education.
  • financial limitations.
  • high rate of population expansion.

Investment in education is an investment in the nation’s future. A nation’s socioeconomic progress, prosperity, and quality of life are all significantly influenced by education. Additionally, a nation’s potential and status as a production nation rather than a consumer nation is primarily determined by its level of education and technological advancement. A country’s ability to quickly advance economically depends on its ability to produce more skilled workers, which in turn depends on expanding the educational system. Education fosters innovation, quickens the speed of technical advancement, and guarantees competence and effectiveness.

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