Essay on Illiteracy Problem with Quotations

Essay about Illiteracy with Student Quotes

For pupils in various grades, you can find an essay on illiteracy with quotations in this page. The essay about illiteracy is crucial for second-year students. So, without further ado, enjoy this well-written article with quotes. You can use the titles Essay on Illiteracy in Pakistan, Essay on the Problem of Illiteracy, and Illiteracy Essay to create the same essay. More English essays are available at this link.
Essay about Illiteracy with Quotes for Second Year Students in FSc, B.A., and BSc

In the name of the Lord, who made you, read. (The Koran)

The Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) first revelation clearly outlines the value of education. In terms of meaning and application, education and civilisation are more expansive. They are related via blood. The countries with a high literacy rate advance quickly and are now international leaders.

“A standing army is hardly a better protector of liberty than education.” Edmund Everett

People who have more education typically have a better understanding of governance. They are more likely than people with no academic or informal education to apply the ideas with greater accuracy. The smooth operation of affairs in any scarcity is ensured by adherence to the laws of principles. However, because they do not adhere to the societal norms, laws, and regulations, illiterate people or groups threaten peace and order.

“Ignorance is the most violent component of society.” Emily Goldman

A person who is illiterate has a limited range of thought. Beyond a certain degree, he is unable to think. He is limited to his own objectives and motivations. He lacks the ability to understand novel ideas and possibilities. His ability to thrive personally and as a society is hampered by illiteracy.

“You contain all of the knowledge in the world.” Invoking Anthony J. D’Angelo

Industrial workers who possess the necessary knowledge and training in the area can act in their own best interests as well as that of their employer. He is a productive worker who could boost the output of the business. His performance is unmatched. He works while using his talent and improves his knowledge.

Crimes are bred by illiteracy. The significance of laws is not clearly understood by uneducated people. They break the law to serve their small interests. The biggest danger to a nation’s integrity is illiteracy. Nations without literacy do not cherish their freedom. They engage in small disputes and bring shame to their nation.

Some people are wise, while others are not. (Bishop Smollett)

Even though they have few natural resources and poor per capita incomes, several nations have high rates of literacy. They manage to live in the world with dignity and grace. Therefore, a country’s political, technological, and economic strength is directly related to its degree of education and literacy.

Everyone in society should have access to a free education. People with financial difficulties should receive incentives. Mass education initiatives can increase literacy rates and end the scourge of illiteracy.

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