Essay on Horrors of War with Quotations in English

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Essay on the Horrors of War for FSC Students with Quotations – Second Year English Notes
“War has never accomplished anything that we couldn’t accomplish more effectively without it.” Haslock Ellis

An armed conflict between two or more states is called a war. World wars are what these conflicts become when they reach an international scale. Civil war refers to conflict between many factions inside the same country.

War has always been full of horrors; it has always caused murder, destruction, and sickness, it is obvious after studying the entire history of war. Even back then, when soldiers engaged in face-to-face combat, the devastation caused by war was terrible. People were killed or injured. The consequences of war were considerably worse.

The realm of science and technology exists today. Amazing devices and tools have been created and discovered by man to improve the comfort and security of existence. Paradoxically, he has also created the deadliest weapons for eradicating him completely. Today, several nations around the world are equipped with chemical, biological, and nuclear warheads.
“I am aware of the tragedies of war; no benefits can outweigh the losses it causes.” Hitler, Adolf

A global village has emerged on the planet. The many nations are now interconnected politically, socially, and economically. The other nations cannot maintain their neutrality if a conflict breaks out. They will have to step in to protect themselves. Any war would be a global conflict if this were to occur.

In reality, war is a gigantic human carnage. Death descends from the sky or explodes from the ground. It doesn’t hold back. The people dies, the military suffer, and the innocents pass away. War’s ultimate result is starvation and death. Tears and worries follow a war.
“War merely reveals who is left; it does not reveal who is right.” Richard Russell

Material resources suffer permanent damage during war. Objects are destroyed. Structures are destroyed. Skyscrapers, plazas, enormous factories, highways, clinics, homes, gardens, and crops, as well as railways, runways, markets, and galleries, are all reduced to rubble.

The greatest enemy of culture and civilization is also war. All of the cultural treasures, valuable antiques, priceless manuscripts, magnificent paintings, and unique historical heritage have been destroyed. War destroys reason, smothers morals, and extinguishes beauty. Man acts like an animal. The crown of the universe, the epitome of beauty, is reduced to ashes.
“Mitigating the horrors of war as much as possible is for the good of mankind.” Theodore Jefferson

The repercussions of war are even worse than the actual conflict. It is stated that those who die in battle have it worse than those who live. Life turns into a misery. Infants cry for their mothers, while moms mourn for their young children. The homes are completely destroyed. The little girls manage to stay homeless. Some of them are insane, some are disabled, and some widows crying and grieve while holding their young children. What human suffering is revealed after a conflict.

Human folly is war. Let everyone consider it. They must act firmly and sincerely to put an end to the war. War cannot fix any issues. Let everyone in the globe gather around the negotiating table to resolve their differences. The UNO needs to be aware of its responsibility and sincere in its pursuit of resolving international conflicts.

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